It was a really smooth test drive for Honda Clarity PHEV

 It was a really smooth test drive for Honda Clarity PHEV

Lets start with ClarityPHEV core parameters

This car has 4895/1875/1475 mm in three circumferences, basically the same as the Accord. It is a medium-sized car body. The vehicle can travel at a pure electric distance of 114.6 km (measured in JC08 mode and 101 km in WLTC mode). According to the manufacturer, the combined maximum endurance of motor and gasoline engine can reach 842 km and the maximum extreme speed of pure electric mode is 160 km/h. In terms of fuel consumption performance, the fuel cost of JC08 mode is 28.0 km/L (100 km 3.57L), and that of WLTC mode is 24.2 km/L (100 km 4.13L).

It can be said that ClarityPHEVs advent is not to develop the technical strength of Honda Dafa Good, but to try to gain a place in the new energy-based household market in the future through the more acceptable three-compartment car shape + enough comfortable space to accommodate five people.

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About Honda Plug-in Hybrid Technology

Q1: Honda SPORTHYBRIDe + technology, what is it?

This plug-in hybrid technology is named SPORTHYBRID e+, which is one more e+ than the SPORTHYBRID of Accord. Therefore, it has great technical commonality. In addition to the similar engine compartment layout, SPORTHYBRIDe + is equipped with optimized voltage VCU (voltage control unit) for PCU (power control unit) on the basis of the same electric CVT + Dual Motors + PCU (power control unit), together with high power and large capacity battery and charger, which can effectively increase the range of motor and reduce the working period of gasoline engine.

So instead of using the Accord 2.0L engine, the system reduces the displacement to 1.5L. Nevertheless, the total maximum power of ClarityPHEV motor and internal combustion engine working together has reached 212 Ps, which is exactly the same as the current ten-generation hybrid Accord.

SPORTHYBRIDe+System Composition

Q2: Hondas SPORTHYBRIDe + technology, what is the core black technology?

u00b7 Motor aspect

In PCU (Power Control Unit), by increasing the power of VCU (Voltage Control Unit), the operation of each electric component is more efficient, which makes the maximum speed of EV driving up to 160 km/h, and enlarges the scope of application of EV driving mode.

u00b7 Battery

SPORTHYBRIDe+IPU (Intelligent Power Unit) uses 17 kWh lithium-ion batteries with high power and large capacity. The ClarityPHEV on site uses Panasonic batteries. Later, it was introduced to Honda Hybrid Vehicle in China. Since Honda had signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Ningde Age, it is likely that NCM811 lithium-ion batteries provided by Ningde Age will be used.

High-power and high-capacity battery packs are placed in the chassis position, which reduces the vehicles center of gravity. This low center of gravity layout design also improves the driving performance of the vehicle, and the vehicle has a more sense of control. The battery components are 14 modules (6 modules in front seat and 8 modules in back seat). The rear passengers do not need to step on the battery without affecting the comfort of the rear passenger.