Report of classic autumn competition

 Report of classic autumn competition

The Worlds Tenth Million People Attention Tier Summit Competition 2009 Autumn Competition Report

The autumn tournament of the 2019 day ladder peak was successfully concluded yesterday. Top teams from various servers gathered for the final battle of each group. The climax of the tournament was repeated. The surprise brought by the new role of the Dragon Nationality was also obvious to all. This seasons various groups of crown Asian season palace army has now come out.

Champion --- [Margin Ding Sansheng] Beauty under the Moon @Rain Listening to Zen, Inner Mongolia Area @Stone Egg, Cousin H, 1 Shushan Legend @Burying Dao and Sealing Sword, General H

Runner-up --[Shanxi New Area] o Shanxi New Area @Chaotic Eggs, Chaotic Long Summer (?), Chaotic Eggs 0, Chaotic Eggs 0, Chaotic Long Summer, Chaotic Long Summer,

The third runner-up - [Shanxi New Area]: Chaotic Shrimp Rice, Chaotic Egg, Chaotic August. Chaotic Pony, Chaotic Pony, Chaotic Pony K

Palace Army - [Red Beauty Bosom Friends] Jun, Linxia II, Hongyan Bosom Friends @Wuji [Dragon], 98 King, Anonymous, Jun, Linxia, Jun, Linxia I

Heart Understanding Group:

Champion - [Crystal Palace] Greentown Morsen, Red Square Carmine, Greentown Yuemago, Qianzhuang King Boss, affection, thousands of miles apart

Third Army: Only Poetic Painting, Only Poetic Piano, Only Poetic Wine, Only Poetic Chess and Only Poetic Book

Palace Army - [Huashan on Swords] Zifeng, Jia He, Qing are connected, Monkey King Sun Wukong and visitors are at ease in the clouds.

Interaction group:

Champion - [Narcissus Palace] Five Party Opening: Laohe, Taihao Man, Dongtian Man, Dreamless Woman, Snowy Man

Runner-up --[Red Yan Bosom Friends] War, War, National Culture, War, Bright Moon, War, Clear Wind

Third Army: Blood Shadow, Blood Iris, Blood Sister, Blood Emperor and Blood Death

Dianjun: ID17144877, ID17148636, ID17193471, ID1221150, ID16679339

Congratulations on the achievements of the above teams, and thanks for the wonderful competitions you have brought to you. So far, the autumn season of the 2019 day ladder peak has come to an end, the smoke has dissipated and the fighting will not diminish. The next season (the 2019 winter season) is about to start. We look forward to your performance in the winter season, and we also look forward to more dragon roles in the war. Show off your skills on the court! ____________

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