The Graphic Identification System of Tiantian 3 is officially opened in the collection of exquisite ornaments

 The Graphic Identification System of Tiantian 3 is officially opened in the collection of exquisite ornaments

Countdown to full benefit reduction! You only have one day to spare!

World 3 brand-new Heavens blessing, random reduction welfare activities of wool has not yet been snapped? Think about it all at a loss! This welfare reduction campaign will be closed tonight, with only one last day left. As long as Shao Xias first consumption amount in the mall today is 20 yuan, he can still enjoy the activity concessions, reduce a certain amount of yuan at random, or even give you a full exemption. Dont rush to action? You are the Emperor of Heaven!

Expedition of the world, ordering troops in the golden autumn! The 26th World League is waiting for the return of the king!

World 3 World League season 26 Golden Autumn Call will be officially launched after tomorrows update. Congratulations again on how many fanatical players - the world is unparalleled, quiet and light music - Feihong stepping on snow, Zhaomo - laughing at the wind and clouds, Qinghang Lantern - Xiaoyao three boundaries four players won the 25th World League 80, 75, 70, 60 ranks of World League points. Champion! All players have accumulated ladder points in accordance with a certain proportion of conversion, your season awards have arrived, but also please pay attention to Shaoxian!

The new journey is about to start. The champions throne is in vacancy. There is a brand-new tyrannical mount, such as golden rare title, the essence of fireflies and other luxury awards, waiting for you to explore. Lets see you in the Golden Autumn.

The eleventh anniversary of World 3 in 2019 marks that we love our dreams! More exciting information such as World 3 New Fashion Treasures and Beasts High Definition Map Appreciation on National Day, please also lock us in! This autumn, we are waiting for you in the wilderness!

World 3 is a 3DMMORPG independently developed by Netease, which is full of exploration and opportunities. It shows a magnificent and colorful virtual world. World 3 in 2019 expansion film Dream of Red Dust heavy attack! Hundred Flowers Deep Palace, Thousand Secrets Road brand-new map, Longmen Inn innovative battlefield, sophisticated, step-by-step surprise, killing everywhere; the scenery of Tiangong City, such as dream like Wutong Hall, is the prediction or the truth, the future or the bubble? There is a new wardrobe, free collocation, a key to change, just for your beautiful world!

Netease God is an elite game community under Netease Game. Here, we gather a large number of elite players, game circle celebrities, industry cafes, gather official information and welfare anecdotes, aiming to create a rich social circle of game interests for players. More news, please pay attention to World 3!

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