There is a fantastic scene of Feng Laiyi, a new computer version of Dream Journey to the West flying auspicious attack

 There is a fantastic scene of Feng Laiyi, a new computer version of Dream Journey to the West flying auspicious attack

Auspicious auspicious omen now, there is phoenix coming

Phoenix has been the symbol of auspiciousness since ancient times. The appearance of Phoenix means that the three realms of dreams will surely usher in peace. In order to let more players feel the unique charm of the auspicious luck of You Feng Lai Yi, the auspicious luck has now officially appeared in the game. Players only need to buy the flight auspiciousness at Taoyuan fairy of Baoxiangguo (57,25) in the game, and spend 1200 fairies. They can enjoy the blessing of You Feng Lai Yi with other players and welcome the fantastic prosperity.

The immortal spirit lingers, the brand-new auspicious auspiciousness shows the immortal temperament

In the three realms of fantasy, the immortals always give the players a fresh and refined feeling. After using the auspicious auspiciousness of Youfeng Laiyi, the temperament of the immortals will rise to a higher level. As a flight auspicious, the phoenix instrument makes the immortals fly up completely. After using it, the characters become more agile and elegant, and do not eat human fireworks. In addition, accompanied by this auspicious auspicious spirit, the role also seems to be haunted by fairies, which fully demonstrates the noble temperament of the immortals.

Golden clothes with auspicious, more outstanding temperament

A good set of brocade clothes often better reflect the characters temperament. In the game, You Feng Lai Yi auspicious match with the new kitchen decorative basket weapons brocade clothes can make the temperament of the fairy more outstanding. After using this weapon, the weapon in the players characters hand will become a variety of food. If the players are interested in the brocade, they can buy the weapon brocade at the Neon Girl of Baoxiangguo (48,39). I believe that the players will attract countless peoples attention after wearing, and make themselves the focus of the public.

There are wonderful scenes of Feng Laiyi! This brand-new auspicious auspicious omen in the computer version of Dream Journey to the West has now come to three realms. Wherever Phoenix goes, the whole three realms of dream have become more joyful. You Feng Lai Yi auspicious will give happiness and joy to all players. If you are more interested in this auspicious auspicious, you can take it into your pocket. In the coming days, You Feng Lai Yi auspicious will travel around the fantasy world with the players, enjoy the prosperous scenery together, accompany the players to continue to write their own legendary journey.