Russian media: Why is Trump unwilling to fight with Iran?

 Russian media: Why is Trump unwilling to fight with Iran?

Reference News Network reported on September 24 that 10 days ago, it was speculated that the meeting between President Trump and President Ruhani of Iran in New York would be the main focus of this weeks general debate at the 74th session of the General Assembly (24-30 September). But after UAVs attacked Saudi Arabias Amy oil facilities, both Washington and Tehran made statements: there was no way to talk about contacts.

According to an article published in the Russian Independent newspaper on September 23, this barbaric incident has brought the US-Iran confrontation to a new stage. Despite the fact that Yemens Hussein forces have taken responsibility on their own, Washington has identified Tehran as the culprit. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called the attack an act of war, emphasizing that the Iranian regime is responsible for reckless and threatening aggression.

The article points out that Trump himself has taken a more cautious approach. He said that in addition to the war, there are a series of ways to influence Iran. He told reporters in California: There are many options: extreme ones, and many others that are not so strict. The extreme solution I understand is war. At present, however, this plan has not been put on the agenda.

On the 20th, Trump announced a new sanction against Iraq, which is the heaviest in history. Three financial institutions, including the Iranian Central Bank, are limited by their support for terrorism.

It is striking that Trumps position today contrasts sharply with that of 2017. At that time, less than three months after taking office, he ordered an air strike on Syria just two days after the suspected chemical weapons attack.

The article argues that Trumps unusual prudence, known for his impulsiveness, seems to have something to do with the election campaign. This prudence is fully in line with the slogan America First. In order to win re-election in 2020, he once again put forward the slogan supported by voters in 2016. The slogan implies that the war in Iraq is a waste of money, that it is long overdue to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, and that the costs of Washingtons overseas troops from South Korea to Germany must be compensated.

Moreover, once the military conflict with Iran causes oil prices to soar, it will negatively affect the global economy, including the United States, which Trump would not allow a year before the election. He is also convinced that Saudi Arabia should also actively participate in the game under the current situation. He pointed out that Riyadh wanted the United States to stand up and protect him. But they know that I do not seek to be involved in new conflicts, although sometimes I have to.

In any case, Trump approved the deployment of additional U.S. troops and supplies of military equipment to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Pentagon leader Mark Esper announced on the 20th that he would increase the deployment of troops in the near future, which is defensive. The U.S. military will focus on air and missile defense.

At the same time, Trump hinted that, because of unpredictable consequences, he was not inclined to use force. He preferred to continue to strangle Tehrans economy through various possible sanctions and achieve its political isolation through the formation of an international anti-Iraq alliance.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the U.S. authorities intend to organize a series of multilateral and bilateral talks on the sidelines of the General Assembly. But it is not true that this idea will be welcomed by major EU countries. They advocate collaboration with Tehran within the framework of the Iranian nuclear agreement. The United States has withdrawn from the agreement and imposed sanctions on countries and companies that continue to cooperate with Iran. (Compiler/Hu Liwen)