Foreign Media: Trump Allies Meet Turkish President and Invite Turkey to Return to F35 Project

 Foreign Media: Trump Allies Meet Turkish President and Invite Turkey to Return to F35 Project

Reference News Network reported on September 24 that after meeting with Turkish President Taip Erdogan on September 22, US Republican Senator Lindsay Graham said he wanted NATO ally Turkey to return to the F-35 fighter joint manufacturing project.

Turkey was excluded from the project in July, Reuters reported on September 22. According to a video on Twitter and Turkish media reports, US President Donald Trumps close ally, Graham, said in New York: We are trying to get them back to the F-35 project.

Reported that Ankara and Washington clashed over Turkeys purchase of Russian S-400 missile defense system. The United States said that the system could not coexist with NATO defense system and posed a threat to Lockheed Martins F-35 stealth warfare agency.

After Turkey received S-400 equipment delivery in July, Washington ruled out Turkey from the F-35 joint project. Ankara would have liked to buy some of these fighters, but now she says she may look elsewhere.

Turkish media reported that Graham met Erdogan in New York on the eve of the UN General Assembly.

In the video, Graham said he and Erdogan discussed possible free trade agreements. Turkey is a very important ally, not only on Syria, but in the region as a whole, he told reporters.

Erdogan plans to meet with Trump in New York this week.

Earlier this month, Erdogan told reporters in an interview that he would discuss the purchase of the US Patriot missile defense system with Trump and that his personal relationship with the US leader could overcome the crisis caused by the purchase of the S-400.

The state-owned Anadolu News Agency reported that Trump and Erdogan spoke by telephone on September 22 to discuss bilateral relations and regional affairs. (Compiler/Lu Di)