Contemporary Girls Experience Love by CP

 Contemporary Girls Experience Love by CP

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Summer 2019 is the peak season for CPs.

How did they get angry? Cough, shoot CP fire.

The term CP, or Coupling, originated from the Japanese peer circle and refers to a couple who have a love relationship in their works.

However, in the social context of contemporary youth, the meaning of CP has been infinitely extended.u2014u2014

CP powder can find its own emotional projection in the relationship between all living and inanimate objects.

This is almost a practical application of the law of gravitation.

Perhaps you have never done CPs, and you dont understand this self-contained catering evil organization, but you have to admit that CP powder is everywhere, occupying every inch of the Internet.

What kind of group are they? What magical brain circuits do you have? What if CPs collapse?

Today let Xiaobian go deep into Tiger Cave and take you into the mysterious world of CP powder.

Everything can be CP

In fact, CPis not an imported product that has become popular in recent years.

As early as the 1990s, on-screen couples Mao Ning and Yang Yuying relied on their strong CP sense, known as the golden child and the jade girl, which still made many peoples parents uneasy after many years.

That was the prehistoric period of CP civilization. At that time, there were not many entertainment circles and the world tended to be peaceful. Fans are both simple and dedicated, once a group of CP, life is CP.

Shortly afterwards, learning of CP came into being.

At the beginning of the rise of learning, CP powder still had a trace of rationality, and paid attention to restraint and tolerance. It was only the little tacit understanding that unintentionally revealed.

There is no doubt about the power of the two handsome men standing together. However, the magic is that even two small transparent, flat qualifications, once the implementation of bundled sales, can turn decay into magic, producing a 1 + 1 > 2 Chemical reaction.

So, after seeing the ill-gotten fortune of CP traffic, many celebrity teams began to come down personally.

All the interactions that should have been casually revealed are carefully arranged for mass distribution, labeling and selling to fans who are in dire need of nutrients to survive.

Even so, it still can not fill the huge market gap.

When the well-known official CPs can not meet the growing needs of the masses, fans will also look to the sea of stars.

Love can even cross the boundaries of gender, species, time and even space.

In the eyes of CP powder in the 21st century, ambiguous pink bubbles naturally appear in the air. There are two things in the world that can knock:

It can knock, too, and that can knock.

For example, Tsinghua University and Peking University have become the top choice of personified CP because of their top academic hegemony, neighboring geographical location and abundant love and hatred.

What is particularly commendable is that the authorities sometimes come off high-profile, personally sugar CP powder.

This seemingly unreasonable way of matching often confuses outsiders, but within the sphere of influence of CP powder, it is a tacit code of conduct.

Others laugh at me for being mad. I laugh at others for not being able to see through.

In a word, You dont understand the happiness of CPs.

What am I knocking when Im knocking CP?

In the final analysis, kowtow CP is a new way of love in Cyber Age, which reflects the bleak reality of contemporary youth.

Its impossible to fall in love. Its impossible to fall in love in this lifetime. It is the usual knock CP, in order to maintain the appearance of life.

The walls of Xiaoyu (like but not too loyal love beans) have changed a lot, from last years Town Soul to this years Chen Qingling. She found that no matter how many walls had been changed, she was always surrounded by the same group of lonely girls.

Its so easy to get into the CP pit.

If you are a fan of a certain family, it may be easy to fall into CP powder in the contact between idols and other people, while sipping sugar, while expanding the boundaries of prostitution.

Since even Voldemort * Lin Daiyu has been knocked, the two big people who have cooperated with each other in the small entertainment circle can hardly be washed in the fans CP filter.

For example, in recent years, the idol mens group which appeared in piles is the CP rich mine.

The more members there are, the more CPs there are. They can even be arranged and grouped one by one, which derives from multilateral corner love, and their joy is endless.

For example, only 12 members of the Korean League EXO, there are 66 CPs can knock.

So, what exactly is CP?

Speaking plainly, it depends on the ability of brain tonic to see pictures and speak.

Material from various official and unofficial channels (videos, pictures, itineraries, etc.) is searching for evidence of love.

In powder circle terminology, this is called picking sugar.

The so-called the same box will be sugar, immediately go to bed, pull a small hand and immediately the children and grandchildren full house.

Practicing a pair of golden eyes for picking sugar in the air is the basic survival skill of every CP powder.

If the two are intimate, it is -- There are three things people cant hide: cough, poverty and love.

In the logic of CP powder, the actions of the Lord come from true love. Every look has a deep meaning. All seemingly unintentional interactions imply how sweet the two sides can be behind the scenes.u2014u2014

They are wearing the same clothes today. I knocked it out!

They sent microblogs at the same time today, and I found it true!

Theyre all the same sex. I know its true!

In this regard, there has been a deeply confused ordinary netizens launched a question: You have seen the most powerful CP powder sugar brain hole is what?

A person is still not strong, but also pull everyone together to go up, knock to the end, leaving behind is sisterhood.

Xiaoyu remembers that when Chen Qinglings Happy Base Camp was on, the girls and sisters in the group watched the live broadcast together, frame by frame, from the bottom of the footboard to the hair, and finally harvested rich details of love. Chickens scream (scream) one after another.

All living things are bitter, only the CP I made is strawberry-flavored.

Although CP powder consumes other peoples love, hatred and hatred, it gains its own personal happiness.

Perhaps this is a unique way of entertainment for the netizens, just like chasing dramas, reading novels and watching movies - not to worry about the truth, knowing clearly that they are acting, but still addicted to it.

Nevertheless, when indulging in other peoples immortal love, we must also remember the iron law of life-saving.

The true feelings of CPs will be revenged.

The CP you see is just a collection of self-projecting emotions and the gilded dreams elaborated by the behind-the-scenes team.

Dreams, always wake up one day.

This summer, Xiao Wu Fans two draft boys, one of them came out, the other did not. More importantly, the runner immediately tied up with a new teammate as CP.

Too abusive, capital BE (bad ending, tragic ending).

This is not Xiao Wus first BE. In fact, all the CPs she has pinked are BE.

Star chase is risky, and pursuing a couple is basically the same as losing money. After all, even legitimate couples are likely to pull their knives in this fast-food era of minute break-ups.

Therefore, only those who are sober enough to judge the situation can be lucky to escape when CP breaks up.

As long as I run fast enough, BE cant catch up with me.

Of course, there are also a few particularly strong CP powder, no matter how many actual beatings, still die.

For example, Wang Leehom and Li Yundi have never been in the same boat again. The wife of the former has given birth to a third child in a row. There are still a small number of people who firmly believe that the voice of looking for Leehom in the spring evening is an unstoppable expression of true feelings.

Spend twice as much money, take twice as much risk, and get twice as much gas. Only by the blood of their own CPs can they endure to stay in the circle.

However, most of the CP girls I came into contact with were horribly awake. They only suffered a short time when they met BE, and then switched to the new wall quickly.

* Business: Stars deliberately display a good illusion for propaganda or hype.

In the final analysis, CPis just a large gathering of self-motivated behavior.

CP powder through the absorption of CP sweet to meet the reality of the beaten frustrated themselves, when a safe and happy loser.

After knocking one pair after another, I turned around and found that it was only the person who believed in love at that time.

Like hanging carrots in front of donkeys, life always needs a little sweetness as a temptation to crawl willingly.

Who cares so much about whether the sweetness is natural honey, processed sucrose or artificial saccharin?

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