When will the sweeper come back? Li Na laughed and responded: Do you think Im crazy?

 When will the sweeper come back? Li Na laughed and responded: Do you think Im crazy?

The celebration ceremony of Li Nas entry into the International Tennis Hall of Fame is the highlight of the opening ceremony of the Wuhan Open. Tu/WTA Wuhan Open

As the global promotion ambassador for the Wuhan Open, Li Na will go to the Wuhan Open for the platform at this time of the year. Unlike the previous two years, Li Na just entered the International Tennis Hall of Fame this year, and its celebration ceremony in her hometown of Wuhan is perfect.

This evening, Li Na appeared in Wuhan Open in OL costume, which is quite different from her usual appearance on the court. The milestones and moments of my career have all returned to Wuhan, because this is where everything begins. Although she often lives in Beijing nowadays, Wuhan has a different meaning for Li Na.

Li Nas new look is on display. Tu/WTA Wuhan Open

In July this year, Li Na joined Pierce and Kafelnikov in the International Tennis Hall of Fame.

Its a great honor to be in the Tennis Hall of Fame this year. Its also a great honor to go to Newport in July to attend a ceremony like that. Li Na said that when she saw her name with the names of many legendary players, it was the greatest affirmation of her career, and hoped that she could serve tennis better in the future. Later, in an interview with the media, Li Na said it was a worthwhile thing to enter the Hall of Fame. It was as exciting as winning a Grand Slam.

Li Na tried her best to promote Wushu. Tu/WTA Wuhan Open

As a native of Wuhan, Li Na has never participated in the Wuhan Open. In the first year of 2014, Li Na just announced her retirement, but she is still doing her best to promote her home games on different occasions. When asked today about the winner of this years Wuhan Open, Li Na did not hesitate. I really hope Kovitova will win. Li Na has not many good friends in the tournament. Czech Kovitova is one.

Earlier this month, seven-year retired Belgian player Chris Stearns announced his return next season. This year at the Australian Open, Li Na and Chris Stearns participated in the Presbyterian Tournament. Asked if she was considering a comeback, Li Na laughed. Do you think Im crazy? Li Na admitted that she was shocked by the news of Clijsterscomeback and wished her good luck on her way back.

Source: Lu Ting_NS5242, responsible editor of Beijing News