Whats wrong? Taiwanese authorities bought 66 F16 in the United States and hid the details behind it.

 Whats wrong? Taiwanese authorities bought 66 F16 in the United States and hid the details behind it.

Overseas Network, September 24 (23) morning, Taiwans Legislative Yuan considered the Special Bill on the Purchase of New Fighter Aircraft, discussing the purchase of 66 F-16V fighters from the United States by the Taiwan Air Force at a total price of about 250 billion yuan (NT, the same below). Meanwhile, Ma Wenjun, the Kuomintang legislator, pointed out in his inquiry that behind the Taiwanese authoritiespurchase of 66 US fighter planes, there is one detail that may once again confirm the role of the wrongdoer. Regarding the lesson that the Taiwan authorities have been repeatedly used as ATMs by the United States and their ruling attitude of spending money indiscriminately regardless of peoples livelihood, some Taiwanese people have no choice but to say, Its not what we want to buy, its what the United States wants the DPP to buy. We can only pay taxes obediently, and then watch the DPP squander.

Taiwans Legislative Yuan considered the Special Bill on the Purchase of New-style Fighter Aircraft yesterday morning, according to Taiwans Union Daily on the 23rd. Ma Wenjun, the Kuomintangs legislator, said in his quality consultation, After the 880 billion yuan forward-looking budget, Cai authorities will compile another 250 billion yuan special budget for fighter aircraft procurement. How much will it cost in the future for these military purchases?

Ma Wenjun also found that the Taiwanese authorities had purchased 66 F-16V fighter pods, and the US side suggested in the purchase list to purchase ALQ-211 or equipment of the same performance in Taiwan. However, when the air force was faced with the price increase of the pod compartment of the Fengzhan Project, it said to the Legislative Yuan that it had not purchased ALQ-211, but had to buy the suggested ALQ-131A of the United States, because the former was doubtful of leaking secrets, and old-fashioned. Ma Wenjun ironically said, Now the United States has come to suggest that we buy ALQ-211 pods. Do we have to buy them anyway, for better or worse?

(Source: Lianhe Daily)

In fact, as early as September 2017, the Taiwan Air Force was severely pitted by the United States on the F-16 fighter plane. At that time, 148 F-16A/B fighter planes in the Phoenix Exhibition Project were successively upgraded in Taiwan. Taiwan planned to purchase 42 sets of ALQ-131A FMS pod compartments needed in the promotion plan with a budget of more than $160 million. However, the US side took the rising cost of research and development as the reason, and finally purchased only 12 sets at the same price. Significant shrinkage. Although the Air Force felt that it was losing money, it did not choose to replace ALQ-211, which was considered to be at risk of leaking, so it insisted on buying 12 sets (ALQ-131A) with 42 sets of money.

Ma Wenjun pointed out that Taiwan spent a lot of money to develop and use the ALQ-131AFMS pod cabin, but now it will buy the old (ALQ-211). The Cai authorities have spent so much money on Taiwanese people and always wanted to tell them why they spent it like this. But now if they buy an old ALQ-211 with a real risk of leaking, the Ministry of Defense and the Air Force must be responsible to the Taiwanese people.

In this regard, Taiwan netizens have expressed their helplessness to Cais English authorities who spend money indiscriminately but ignore peoples livelihood. Make it clear that its not what we want to buy, but what the DPP authorities are going to charge high prices for.

I can only pay taxes obediently and watch the DPP squander...

If the configuration is different, it will change from the old model to the new one. Then there will be no risk of leak. The model we invested in and developed (ALQ-131A) will not be considered any more. What a great model.

In July this year, the International Commentary of News Broadcasting pointed out that the United States really wanted to safeguard Taiwans security by selling weapons to Taiwan. Of course not. In the United States, the deep binding of the interests of the government and the arms groups has long been a secret. It sells some obsolete weapons to Taiwan at high prices. In addition to carrying out the plan of making China by Taiwan, it also regards Taiwan as an unjust leader and cash machine to satisfy the interests of American arms dealers.

On August 19, Taiwan Office spokesman Ma Xiaoguang said in response to a query that the U.S. side planned to sell F-16V fighter planes to Taiwan that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had made solemn representations to the U.S. side in this regard. The U.S. aggressively interfered in Chinas internal affairs, seriously violated the one-China principle and the provisions of the three Sino-US joint communiques, and seriously undermined Sino-US relations, cross-strait relations and peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait region. We firmly oppose it. The US side should immediately cancel its arms sales plan to Taiwan and stop sending serious wrong signals to the separatist forces of Taiwan independence. No force should underestimate our determination and ability to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Ma Xiaoguang said that Cai Ying and the Democratic Progressive Party authorities, harming the interests of compatriots on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, did not hesitate to act as pawns of the United States and pay a high protection fee to the United States, eventually becoming abandoned children and being nailed to the pillar of historical humiliation forever.

Trump: The F 16 fleet has been approved for sale to Taiwan for a total of $8 billion

Overseas Network, Aug. 19 (Reuters) - US President Trump confirmed on August 18 that he had approved the sale of a fleet of F16V fighters totalling 8 billion US dollars (about NT$250 billion) to Taiwan, adding that it would bring a lot of money and a lot of job opportunities. Internet users on the island have complained, leaving messages lamenting Taiwan is an American ATM, the United States is dying for money, some Taiwanese netizens satirized the DPP to buy airplanes convenient for carrying private smoke! and some intra-island netizens painstakingly advised: The United States can not be trusted and relied on.