Station B releases video clipping artifacts. It takes only 10 minutes from entry to proficiency.

 Station B releases video clipping artifacts. It takes only 10 minutes from entry to proficiency.

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However, these video editing apps are better for daily short videos. If we want to edit videos with more material and more difficulty, we still have to turn on the computer obediently and use FCP, Pr and other software to edit them. Just recently, Bilibili, a bullet screen video website, released an online video editor, which attracted my attention.

Bilibilis online video editor is supported by Clipchamp, which is as simple and smooth as Clipchamp, but now only supports Chrome browsers. Open the editors interface, it will let you choose the proportion of video, suitable for mobile phone play vertical screen, suitable for e-commerce platform head graph square, suitable for desktop wide screen, etc., B station video editor can meet your needs.

We can compare the interface of Pr, the effect area in the upper left, the monitor in the upper right, the material area in the lower left and the time axis in the lower right. Such window layout, whether you have contacted professional non-linear video editing software or not, is easy to understand.

So whats the effect of this online video editor? Lets simply edit a video and see how it works. Click on+Add Media, select local videos and pictures to import the material, drag the material, you can drag them onto the timeline.

Then we can see the real-time picture of the material in the monitor on the right.

And whether its horizontal or vertical, we can adjust the proportion of video at any time. Compared with Pr, it is difficult to adjust the proportion of pictures after setting the sequence. It reduces the use threshold and facilitates our operation.

What will we do for a video? Cutting, color matching, adding filters, inversion... The most common operations for making videos appear in the left window after clicking on the material in the timeline.

The video editor of station B provides basic video operations such as zooming, playback speed adjustment, rotation, inversion, clipping, etc. The tones of exposure, saturation, color temperature and contrast can also be adjusted simply. At the same time, there are 15 kinds of video filters to choose from.

These filters and adjustments are enough for simple video clip splicing.

In addition to video editing and color matching, the video editor of Station B also provides 20 text templates. You can adjust the position, font, color and size of the text, whether to modify the video or add subtitles. These text effects can meet your basic needs.

And the effect of these text templates is really good.

If you want to upload your work to social software, exclusive watermarking is absolutely necessary. Using the watermarking function, you can add watermarking to your video to make your work more exclusive. Watermark location, size and so on can also be adjusted according to your needs.

In addition to the operation of video material, the video editor of Station B also provides 10 different styles of transitional animation effects and 9 foreground occlusion effects, so that your video is no longer flat narrative.

Like text templates, you can make your video more lively and interesting by matching different images with different transit effects.

We have roughly understood the functions of B station video editor. Whats the biggest difference between B station video editor and professional non-linear video editing software such as PR? That is, it has to rely on the network and browser, when I cut off the network, any operation in the editor will become hard loading.

Fortunately, as long as there is a network, the editor will save your operation in real time, even if you close the browser, half of the video will not be lost.

After making the video, click on the Export Video in the upper right corner and select the resolution of the video, you can export the video clips. But in my personal experience, the time of video exporting is too long. Refer to the use of other small partners: If you want to make the video editor of Station B have a smooth operation experience. Excellent network is a necessary factor.

After the video is exported, it can be exported locally or uploaded directly to Station B.

The sequence presupposition of_Pr is not well understood.

Whether its a Pr or Bilibili video editor, software is just a tool. The control of video rhythm, color processing and content selection are the symbols of a good video. Immersed in learning how many kinds of editing software, the use of higher-end sense of superiority of the editing software, the creation of works is not helpful.

Cut, change, subtitle, color, in fact, video clipping is very simple, Pr can, FCP can, Bilibili video editor can, of course. I believe that in the future, we will see more high-quality works produced by B-station online video editor. Will there be you in these works?

Source: Editor-in-Charge of Aifaner: Wang Fengzhi_NT2541