Lens design problem? Phone 11 Series Night Photographs with Ghost

 Lens design problem? Phone 11 Series Night Photographs with Ghost

Video screenshots of nighttime pictures taken by the iPhone 11

Video screenshots of nighttime pictures taken by the iPhone 11 ProMax

In addition to ghost during night shooting, Mitch Vaux found that when shooting other bright objects on the iPhone 11 series mobile phones, there will be bright spots, spots and other phenomena. When shooting neon lights, both the iPhone 11 ProMax and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 + had obvious lighting problems of ghosting and highlighting.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 + shoots neon video screenshots

Later, netizen Bragi posted in Shuimu Community: Just according to the Mickey Walks video, we tested the apple 11 we just bought on the 21st. The result is exactly the same. When the lens is facing the strong light source (such as a light bulb), both the video and the photo can clearly see those shadows, while taking the same picture with Apple 6P. There is no problem with these shadows when grouping objects. Obviously, the lens of the Apple 11 series mobile phone can not reflect the real image of the object in the strong light, but produce obvious shadow. Lets wait and see how Apple will face and solve this problem.

Why does ghost appear? When Mickey Vaux analyzed the video, he first ruled out the refraction problem of the coating. He thought it was the camera design problem.

Effectiveness of Photographing and Source of Response for the iPhone XSMax: Weifeng Forum

Chen Jing, a columnist for Observer. com, also noticed the problem. He said on his microblog that this should be a special effect of light reflected between the camera glass and the coating.

In this regard, the observer network asked Chen Jing, he said that night shooting ghost shows that Apples hardware development has a great problem, in the design, testing, process, there are problems, but the most fundamental should be design problems. Huawei used post-camera technology earlier than Apple, but there was no similar ghost problem.

Chen Jing believes that hardware problems can not be solved through software upgrades, nor can Apple replace camera components for consumers. Apple should not make changes to phones that have been sold or are on sale. He assumed that if Apple were to fix the problem, there would probably be two scenarios: one is that the process of the iPhone 11 has been unsolvable, leaving it to the iPhone 12; the other is that the quality control of the iPhone 11 has been adjusted, such as uneven thickness of the coating, to solve the problem by improving the manufacturing process. He said that ghost photography only occurs when the night is bright, and the frequency of rollover is not too high.