Trump chokes Biden again: Hes going to be in the electric chair if hes a Republican.

 Trump chokes Biden again: Hes going to be in the electric chair if hes a Republican.

Overseas Network, September 24, the weekend just past, a U.S. -Ukraine telephone door incident caused widespread concern among foreign media. Shortly after the US media revealed that Trump was trying to force the Ukrainian government to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son and suspected that the father and son were involved in corruption cases in Ukraine, Trump stepped up and criticized Biden publicly for corruption, even mentioning that if Biden was a Republican, he might be in the electric chair.

CNN pointed out that although there was no evidence that Bidens father and son had made a mistake, Trump told reporters on the 23rd that Joe Biden and his son were corrupt, andfalse newsdid not want to report this because they were Democrats. Not only that, Trump went on to say, If a Republican had done what Joe Biden did, if a Republican had said what Joe Biden said, he would immediately sit in the electric chair.

In addition to criticizing Biden and his son, Trump denied threatening to seize aid to put pressure on Ukrainian leaders. Im not going to do that, and Im not putting any pressure on them. I could have done that.

It is reported that this telephone door originated from a telephone conversation held in July by the Presidents of the United States and Ukraine. US media reported earlier that Trump had eight times pressed Ukrainian President Zelenski to launch an investigation into Bidens son Hunt Biden. During Bidens tenure as Vice President of the Obama administration, his son served as a director of a Ukrainian gas company.

In response to the explosion, Trump said earlier that he had indeed discussed corruption with Zelenski in Eastern Europe. He also cited Biden as an example when telling reporters about the incident, saying bluntly, To a large extent, we dont want our people to commit corruption in Ukraine like former Vice President Biden and his son did. But CNN pointed out that Trump did not say what Biden and his son did.

Biden, the other party to the incident, is currently one of the leaders in the Democratic presidential nomination, accusing Trump of groundless political slander. If Trumps attempt to threaten a foreign leader is true, he should be investigated, Biden said, adding that the current presidents remarks were politically motivated, because he knew I would defeat him.

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