After the Golden Globe Awards Ceremony, C. Lofawen: There will always be dawn when night falls.

 After the Golden Globe Awards Ceremony, C. Lofawen: There will always be dawn when night falls.

Ronaldo writes in social media: There will always be Li when night falls.

BEIJING, Sept. 24 (Xinhua) - In the early morning of Beijing time, FIFA announced the results of the selection of the best male athletes of the year. Messi was elected the best male athlete. He also surpassed Ronaldo with six awards. It is reported that Ronaldo, the Golden Globe Award winner, was absent from the ceremony due to muscle fatigue. Later, however, Ronaldo posted developments on his personal social media.

Enough patience and perseverance are the key to distinguishing amateurs from professionals, and everything will fade over time, Rowe wrote in his personal social media article. You cant succeed in everything, but you can try your best to turn your ideal into reality. Remember, there will always be dawn after night.

At such moments, it is inevitable for the outside world to feel that Ronaldo is responding to the failure of the Globe Award.

It is worth mentioning that Messis election is full of controversy. Both Ronaldo and Messi lost to Van Dick in the previous UEFA Player of the Season awards, and both Van Dick and Ronaldo were honored. Van Dick won the Champions League with Liverpool and was named the best player of the UEFA Season, while Ronaldo won the UEFA Championship with Portugal. But this time Messi beat Van Dick by a narrow margin and won the cup successfully.

Portuguese Football Association supports Ronaldo.

The Portuguese media directly questioned the result: Why was Messi elected? Not only that, after Messi won the prize, the Portuguese Football Association also supported Ronaldo in the official social media: You are the best player in history.

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