South Korean Police: The suspect in serial homicide was once an investigative object who would look for witnesses

 South Korean Police: The suspect in serial homicide was once an investigative object who would look for witnesses

BEIJING, Sept. 24, according to Korean media reports, 23 local time, South Korean police said that the suspect in the Huacheng serial murder case, Lee Mou, had been investigated by the police in the course of the investigation of past cases. Police are trying to find the only survivor of the witness to confirm whether Li was the suspect who was witnessed at the time.

DATA FIGURE: The picture shows the suspects wanted leaflet after the 7th serial homicide case in Huacheng, South Korea. Photo Source: Visual China

On the 23rd, a special investigation team from the local police department in the south of Gyeonggi Dao, South Korea, said it had confirmed that Li Mou had been investigated by the police at the time of the Huacheng case. However, the police said they could not disclose the time, place and manner of the investigation.

At present, the police are investigating why Li was investigated and why he was excluded from the list of suspects. It has been speculated that in the past, the police had inferred that the blood type of the suspect was type B based on the analysis of the relevant evidence of the case, or had a certain impact.

Reported that Li Mou lived in Taian, Huacheng, for a long time at the scene of the case. After the police investigated Li Mou at that time, some people questioned why Li Mou had not been arrested. Police said the investigation was inadequate.

Nevertheless, the police also said that they would work first to prove the suspect, rather than to investigate past investigations. This week, the police will conduct a fourth interview with Li Mou, who is detained in Busan Prison.

The picture shows Korean police inspecting the scene of the case in Huangxi, Huacheng, in 1987. Photo Source: Visual China

In addition, the police are trying to find the only survivor of the witnesses, the female conductor of the coach.

At 9 p.m. on 7 September 1988, the seventh victim died. The female attendant of the bus witnessed a man on an off-town bus at a field bus stop only 400 metres from the scene of the crime. According to the mans statement that his pants and shoes were wet, the police considered him a suspect.

According to reports, the simulated portrait of a male suspect in his 20s is based on the testimony of the female conductor and bus driver.

Police officials said, There are comments that the simulation portrait made with the help of the female flight attendant is very similar to that of Li Mou.

The police plan to show Li Mous real photos immediately after they find the stewardess to confirm whether she is a suspect witnessed in the past.

In addition, as the Huacheng serial killings occurred more than 30 years ago and it was difficult to obtain additional evidence, the police decided to let former police officer He Shengjun, 73, who was in charge of the investigation, join the expert advisory group.

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