Post-95 Night Owl Report: 30percent stayed up until one oclock to watch Country Love

 Post-95 Night Owl Report: 30percent stayed up until one oclock to watch Country Love

Beijing News September 24, Ali Culture and Entertainment released the Night Owl Report after 95 (hereinafter referred to as: report), making an inventory of young peoples cultural consumption performance in the night economy. According to the report, young people, represented by the post-95 generation, concentrated their nighttime activities between 22:00 and 02:00. Although most college students are constrained by the light-out system, there are still 30% of them who stay up late to 1:00. On the video website Youku, country love 11 has become the most popular TV series for young people after 95.

Nowadays, the proportion of night economy in urban GDP, whose main content is service consumption, is increasing, and it is becoming a new driving force for national economic growth. Among them, the younger generation represented by the post-95 generation is gradually becoming the main force of active night economy. The report shows that young people after 1995 are very active in the cultural consumption fields such as watching movies, chasing dramas and watching performances at night. Night owls after 95 in southern cities are especially prominent in various consumption activities.

Whether its watching movies, chasing stars, listening to music, or eating supper night, the activity of cats in the South after 95 shows an overwhelming advantage. Horizontal comparison of late-night vigorous cities after 95 TOP10, late-night movie watching cities after 95 TOP10, late-night cats after 95 on-site entertainment consumption TOP10, the selected cities are mainly southern cities. Guangzhou, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Chengdu and Shenzhen are among the leading night owls in the list of multi-cultural consumption. Beijing is the only city in the north that has all been listed.

According to the report, more than 35% of night movie users are post-95. From the data, young peoples preferences for films after 1995 are basically the same as box office distribution, which directly affects the trend of box office market. For their favorite high-quality movies, night owls after 95 tend to express their support in a multi-brush way. According to the ticket-hunting data, since January 2019, the most N-brush movies in the post-95 era are Avengers League 4: The Final War, The Coming of the Devil Child of Naju and Wandering Earth.

Young peoples preferences for TV series are not rigid. Ancient idols and realistic themes are the choice of sleeping with cats after the ninety-fifth century. Youku data show that in 2019, young people after 95 watched the highest number of TV dramas at night is Rural Love 11. The most popular key words of the drama are Song Xiaofeng, Zhao Si, Liu Neng and Xie Guangkun.

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