Construction of the west section of Beijing Metro Line 11 and the north extension of Daxing Airport Line will begin within this year.

 Construction of the west section of Beijing Metro Line 11 and the north extension of Daxing Airport Line will begin within this year.

Men Yang, deputy director of Beijing Municipal Major Projects Office of Beijing Express, said on the morning of May 24 that two rail transit lines in Beijing are scheduled to start construction before the end of the year. One is the west section of Beijing Metro Line 11 and the other is the north extension of Daxing Airport Line.

On the morning of September 24, Beijing held a series of thematic press conferences to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Peoples Republic of China. Menyang introduced two rail transit lines to be built in Beijing in the near future.

Among them, Jinding Street Station in the northern Mokou area of Beijing Metro Line 11 is laid south along Jinding West Street, Beixinan Road and Planning Repair Works West Road to Shougang Station with a total length of 3.6 km, all of which are underground lines. There are 4 stations, of which 2 are transfer stations. They transfer between Jinanqiao Station and Line 6 West extension and Line S1 Maglev, and between Shougang Station and Line R1, with an average distance of 0.95 km.

The western section of Line 11 is mainly a rail transit line connecting the Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, Shougang Park, Skiing Jumping Platform and National Winter Training Center. It is an important link to provide public transport services for the 2022 Winter Olympics. At the same time, it further improves the regional traffic carrying capacity and promotes the economic and social development of the Western region. The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2021.

The North Extension Project of Daxing Airport Line begins at Caoqiao Station, the terminal point of the first phase of the New Airport Line Project. The terminal point is in the core area of Lize Business District. The station is located in the core area and transfers with Line 14, Line 16 and Line 11 planned. The line is 3.5 kilometers long, all underground. There is a station on the whole line, which is Lize Business District Station, and a Lize City Terminal is built in combination with the station.

Daxing Airport Line is a special rail transit line which is positioned to serve the air passenger flow of Daxing International Airport. Caoqiao-Lize Financial Business District Project is part of Daxing Airport Line, which helps to extend the function of serving air passenger flow to Lize Financial Business District, increase the connection and transfer with urban rail transit network, strengthen the air passenger flow function of the service center city to Daxing International Airport, and improve Daxing International Aircraft. The service quality of off-site public transport will enhance its attractiveness and competitiveness.

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