What hot spots did the ministers respond to in the opening ceremony of the 70th anniversary of the National Day?

 What hot spots did the ministers respond to in the opening ceremony of the 70th anniversary of the National Day?

The News Center for the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Peoples Republic of China held its first press conference in the press release hall on the second floor of the Medea Center this morning (September 24). Ning Jizhao, Deputy Director of the National Development and Reform Commission, Director-General of the State Statistical Bureau, Liu Kun, Minister of Finance, and Yi Gang, President of the Peoples Bank of China introduced the idea of new development as a guide to promote the stable, healthy and sustainable development of Chinas economy, and answered questions from reporters.

Gross domestic product

GDP grew 174 times between 1952 and last year

Ningji Zhe introduced that from 1952 to 2018, Chinas GDP jumped from 67.91 billion yuan to 90.03 trillion yuan, a 174-fold increase in real terms, accounting for nearly 16% of the world economy. Per capita GDP rose from 119 yuan to 646,000 yuan, a 70-fold increase in real terms.

In addition, in 2018, the per capita disposable income of Chinese residents increased 59.2 times as much as that of 1949, the per capita consumption expenditure increased 28.5 times as that of 1956, and the proportion of food expenditure in the per capita consumption expenditure decreased to less than 30%.


Life expectancy increased from 35 to 77 years

Ningjichao said that in the past 70 years, the school-age childrens enrollment rate in China has increased from 20% to 99.95%, the adult literacy rate has increased from 20% to about 96%, and the average life expectancy has increased from 35 years to 77 years. At present, nearly 400 million people often take part in physical exercise. The population of basic medical insurance and basic old-age insurance are over 1.3 billion and 900 million respectively.

Since the Eighteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China, nearly 80 million people have been newly employed in cities and towns, and more than 80 million people have been lifted out of poverty in rural areas. Forest cover increased from 12.7% in 1976 to 22.96% in 2018. In 2018, the average concentration of PM2.5 in 338 cities decreased by 22% compared with that in 2015.


One days revenue equals eight in 1950

Liu Kun introduced that in 1950, the national fiscal revenue was only 6.2 billion yuan, which increased to 113.2 billion yuan in 1978. Since the reform and opening up, with the rapid development of the economy, the fiscal revenue has grown considerably. In 1999, the national fiscal revenue broke through 1 trillion yuan for the first time. After entering the new century, fiscal revenue has achieved a continuous leap, reaching 11725.4 billion yuan in 2012.

Since the Eighteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China, fiscal revenue has continued to grow rapidly, reaching 18,335.2 billion yuan in 2018. Over the past 70 years, the national fiscal revenue has increased by an average of 12.5% annually, nearly 3,000 times. That is to say, todays one-day revenue is equivalent to the size of eight 1950 years. Liu Kun said.

Tax cut and fee reduction

Cumulative tax cuts and fee cuts have exceeded 1.3 trillion yuan

Liu Kun said that reducing taxes and fees is a major event of this years active fiscal policy. According to this years report on the work of the government, tax cuts and fee cuts will be 2 trillion yuan in the whole year. From the current situation, the cumulative tax cuts and fee cuts exceed 1.3 trillion yuan, and manufacturing industry has benefited the most.

Liu Kun said that the policy implemented this year is the most effective and fair response in society. More than 70% of the tax reduction dividends are used for R&D and reproduction expansion, which obviously drives enterprises to increase R&D investment. From January to August, the main economic indicators show that the current economy is operating in a reasonable space, and tax reduction and fee reduction have played an important role. Facts have proved that this is the policy that the people aspire to.

[Hotspot Response

Liu Kun: Pension is guaranteed

Liu Kun said that due to the influence of aging and the inability of funds to transfer between provinces, we did encounter some problems in some provinces due to the dependency ratio. The state starts from four aspects to promote the development of the old-age insurance system towards a more equitable and sustainable direction.

Liu Kun said that at present, Chinas pension fund is running smoothly, and the pension payment is guaranteed. By the end of last year, the income and expenditure of the basic endowment insurance fund for employees in enterprises nationwide were 3.8 trillion yuan and 3.2 trillion yuan. The balance of income and expenditure in that year was nearly 600 billion yuan, and the cumulative balance exceeded 4.8 trillion yuan. In terms of numbers, they are rich in pensions. Liu Kun said.

Yi Gang: resolutely refrain from flooding

In response to media questions, Yi Gang said that our monetary policy mainly serves the domestic economy, and the monetary policy mainly considers the domestic economic trend. At present, Chinas economy is still in a reasonable range. Prices are also in a moderate range. In the process of transformation and upgrading, we encounter structural problems, which are mainly solved through structural reform on the supply side.

Yi Gang said that we should remain firm and adopt a sound monetary policy. We will resolutely refrain from flooding. At the same time, the debt level should be sustainable. At the same time, efforts should be made to dredge the transmission mode of monetary policy and promote high-quality economic development.

Yi Gang also revealed that the Peoples Bank of China has been studying digital currency since 2014, and is currently conducting a series of research and testing.

Ningji Zhe: Breaking the Limitation of Automobile Consumption

According to the analysis of the power source of economic growth in the first half of this year, the three major demands (investment, consumption and export) are jointly driven, and consumption is the first. Consumption has maintained a reasonable range for Chinas economy, playing a role of about 60%, more than 30 percentage points higher than investment.

A series of measures should be taken to promote the quality and expansion of residentsconsumption. Ningji said.

Ningji Zhe also made it clear that the restrictions on automobile consumption should be removed. At present, Guangzhou and Shenzhen have relaxed the restrictions on purchases, and other cities such as Xian are also following up. I believe that the following conditional areas are also following up. We should encourage green consumption, support service consumption, and support the construction of facilities concerned by the public such as urban parking lots.


Recalling the College Entrance Examination at the Press Conference of Ningji Zhe, Liu Kun and Yi Gang

Ningji Zhe, Liu Kun and Yi Gang recalled their college entrance examination when they visited the exhibition to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Peoples Republic of China, and won applause from the on-site media reporters.

Speaking of the 70th Anniversary Achievement Exhibition, I am very excited. In reply to the reporters questions, Liu Kun added that the previous reporter told Ningji about the exhibition of achievements in celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Peoples Republic of China. Liu Kun said that there is a simulated college entrance examination hall in the exhibition, and when you see this scene, you think of your own college entrance examination time. But I took the college entrance examination in the countryside at that time, not in Beijing. Liu Kun said.

When it comes to this issue, Yi Gang said, I took the college entrance examination in rural Beijing in 1977. Ningji Zhe also answered, I took the college entrance examination in Anhui in 1977. After the ministers finished, the on-site media reporters applauded.