From the airport to the psychiatric hospital, what did Xiao Zhans initial experience of GUCCI go through?

 From the airport to the psychiatric hospital, what did Xiao Zhans initial experience of GUCCI go through?

The set-up of the show looks like a sterile laboratory. Compared with Guccis gorgeous and grotesque style in the past, the clean style is not very normal.

Sure enough, before the show started, Gucci prepared a vigorous front dish for everyone, and the clean show was suddenly dyed blood red.

This is an exploration of spiritual self-awakening. In the first 60 sets of pure white shapes, Michele uses clothing language to metaphorize Michel Foucaults theory of micro-physical power: through a series of norms, it internalizes into individual behavior. This power eventually created a disciplined society. In such control, our behavior and appearance internalize subtle discipline.

How to use fashion and power to exercise power in life, eliminate self-expression and restrain identity? The costumed audience also became part of the show, and people watched the pipeline samples on the conveyor belt in dismay, which made the whole scene full of dramatic irony.

MentaLHEALTHISNOTFASHION is written on the models hands.

The Beige grey clothes represent uniforms, utilitarian clothes, the normative clothes stipulated by people who control society, inspired by the restraint clothes of the mentally ill, like the mental patients like angels, more like the domesticated people in modern society. If clothes can not express their personality, it has something to do with the sick clothes. What is the difference?

Can fashion save the bondage of uniformity?

Can it be a way out of discipline?

Can fashion turn freedom into a commodity and let us release ourselves?

Following the harsh resistance sound, the show was suddenly cut off and plunged into darkness. Everything was coherent and wonderful. The show officially opened. Here may be the answer you want to find.

Four years ago, the arrival of Michele awakened Gucci from his slumber. Now, people are beginning to wonder whether Micheles talent has been exhausted.

Facts have proved that its still early. The first 60 sets of pure white clothes will not be sold as performance props. The main course officially presented is 89 sets of Orgasmique as the theme. This should be the most sexy series we have seen here in Michele. It jumps out of the magnificent decorationism and uses more concise and practical clothes to brand-new sexy and attractive things. Interpretation. All this marks the arrival of Guccis new aesthetics!

He traced back to Guccis two golden decades (1970s and 1990s) and redefined that beautiful and delicate era. What happens if a girl wants to be sexy?

The answer is, Nineties! Freedom! TomFord! Miuccia! Pure elegant perspective dress, chain dress, high open skirt, exaggerated low neckline are all the power of neutrality in Micheles eyes.

Lamodacome perversion one, loshowcomeorgasmo

Fashion is a perversion, show is a climax

Alessandro Michele

Even models waving whips, wearing leather gloves, wearing luxurious and pornographic high-rise lace skirts, the addition of BDSM elements, are the sexiest personality rebellion in fashion.

Miuccia Prada: Youcanbenotsexy.

TomFord: Besexy and bepowerful.

The shirt opens the back swing and the shape of the trousers brings us back to the highlight of the 1995 autumn and winter, which belongs to the supermodel Amber Valletta.

Beyond that, its still a complete collection of Micheles clothes, with his iconic retro aesthetics everywhere, sequins, logos and some weird patterns taking up some of the shapes, such as shells, Sri Totems and Polka dots.

With DapperDans help, Gucci, who embraces street culture, has not abandoned the colorful Harrington jacket suit this season. The repeated words Gucci Orgasmique on the cuffs of jackets and suits echo sexual liberation.

The shackles are also in sharp contrast to the self on the shoes. The chain of feet returns to the flat-bottomed pointed Marijane shoes that are actually worn. The round-headed high-heeled boots are bright and bold in color. Other high-profile items include sneakers, which feature a dial that tightens shoelaces, chains instead of chains, and brightly colored pilot jackets.

Gucci can give full marks in detail this time, with pocket Bandolier-style arms and gloves tied to the models body and ankles, and the gold jar above is Guccis latest lipstick series. They appear in the form of monitors, as if to imply that we live in a world under surveillance, with only lipstick bullets as our most powerful equipment.

Every season must be super ink upgrade again this time, with a large chain of super-large sunglasses should not be able to withstand any fashion essence, right?

Eyebrows and eye makeup are also highlights. Eyes and eyebrows are superimposed by multi-layer eyelashes, inspired by Ugly Beauty of Cindy Sherman, a well-known American photographer, who is avant-garde and bold.

It is worth mentioning that this is also Xiao Zhan as Guccis only invited Chinese male artists for the first time in Milan Fashion Week! Before departure, wearing Gucci diamond shirt, simple clean white T and jeans, the whole wearing leisure and comfort, like a beautiful young look.

After arriving in Milan, he changed to Guccis rhombic knitted cardigan, and wore a beret. He lightly relied on the Xiaozhan on the wall of the street, which added to the atmosphere of young literary and artistic people.

To the show, it is a classic coffee retro-style suit with a red high-collar knitted shirt, art and handsome, show gentleman little prince no doubt.

The most interesting thing is that Xiao Zhan broke the second wall with Li Bible classmates in the front row and served as a deskmate for a while. The two academics really have a tacit understanding.

Jared Joseph Leto

Heres a synchronization of Gucci loyal fan A$AP Rocky and French actress Charlotte Charlotte Gainsbourg

At least, in Guccis world, fashion is the way we can choose to resist discipline. Here, everyone can create their own position in the world, in the poetic space of self-affirmation, let their desires shine.

Chief Editor/Chen Xixi

Sources: Instagram, Nowfashion, Visual China