Jennifer Lopez returned with Jungle Printing

 Jennifer Lopez returned with Jungle Printing

Jungle Printed Skirt first appeared in 2000 Spring and Summer Series, many times on the red carpet. At the Grammy Awards in 2000, Jennifer Lopez, wearing a unique Versace Deep V dress, boiled the Internet, forcing Google engineers to work overtime to catch up with what is now the usual image search feature. Thats amazing! The world has the same response: stunning. Today, we live in a world of rapid technological development. But at that time, Jennifers Versace dress incident prompted us to create a new tool that has now become part of our lives. In order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Versaces Spring and Summer 2020 series, jungle prints were reprinted on Versaces T-stage with tropical green and orange pink palette. Palm trees are juxtaposed by different treatments and production methods. Patterns are painted on metal meshes, decorated with crystals or supplemented with tie dyes.

The shirt with jungle details is layered under the corset and has a traditional heart-shaped neckline. This pattern was also introduced into squalo sneakers.

Change and Innovation of Sharp Line Tie-dyeing Technology

Profile, hierarchy and complex college tailoring redefine the iconic black Versace dress. Sharp geometric lines add personality to a series of black opening shapes.

Strong and sharp lines are outstanding features of custom suits, coats and crystal shirts.

The sculptural structure highlights the slender waist and loose skirt, creating a series of powerful and powerful female images.

Innovative tie-dyeing materials with individual products complement each other.

It is applied to the technological reform of leather to create a unique acidic marble effect. This multi-color pattern appears on leather and Jersey T-shirts with the symbolic Medusa logo or the signature of Jenny Versace.

Using Google tilt brush technology, the logo printing of Donatella Versace design is depicted.

Tie-dyeing represents the intersection between classical aesthetics and forward-looking, and the separation and integration of classical Prince of Wales in customization.

The combination of bright windbreaker and outline shirt, bursting out vitality and enthusiasm to break the border, makes people look bright. It exudes modern and trendy personality charm.

The blending and splicing of multiple materials and prints collides with the personality conflict between retro and new trends, and conveys the feminine charm of Versace.

Suitable outline with golden hardware and exquisite lace sandals, decorated with leather leaves.

Belt waist chain, brooch, all show exquisite craftsmanship, bold color and details highlight to add a glimmer of edge to the Versace woman.

The diving sunglasses and the gradient design of the collision show the vanguard of the Versace woman.

Jungle flowers, metal ornaments, Pearl sequins... Details are exquisite, exaggerating the details of ear ornaments are very interesting.

Technology has sparked new sparks in the fashion industry, and fashion has led to new technological changes. Fan Sizhes jungle printing is a good proof of this. The Jungle Queen appeared on stage T, creating another unforgettable and well-deserved Versace moment for Google.

Maintaining a consistent uninhibited and cutting-edge nature

The Jungle Queen appeared on stage T

Versace 2020 Spring and Summer Glorious Hour

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