Giorgio Armani Spring Garden is in full bloom, and its another flowering season.

 Giorgio Armani Spring Garden is in full bloom, and its another flowering season.

In the fashion circle, there is no shortage of creative ideas and unique design. The changeable and gorgeous fashion show on the T-stage makes Designersoutlook on future fashion exhaustive. After seeing more trendy and extraordinary, and understanding numerous aesthetic trends, it will still be touched by the simplicity and elegance, which is the fashion power interpreted by Giorgio Armani.

Giorgio Armani has always done this: let everyone find their own rules of fashion interpretation and cultivate girlsindependent and elegant aesthetics. In his fashion kingdom, perhaps not colorful, nor flowery, simple colors, the interpretation of female power is rich in connotation and with eternal enthusiasm.

Back in the last century, suits that fit well and are soft and flexible in tailoring have allowed Giorgio Armani girls to cross the time limit and maintain a trendy and powerful feminine posture.

Giorgio Armanis feminine charm has never been confined to more than one occasion. They are very popular in the workplace, and they are still the elegant queen with the same charm over the dinner party.

The fine arrangement of gorgeous pearls, soft pearly satin, and appropriately proportioned shoulder pads all accurately and fully depict every aspect of elegant women.

In the spring and summer of 2020, the entrance to Armanis fashion world is Palazo Orsini, No. 11 Borgonuovo Avenue. Giorgio Armani has once again awakened a completely new female wardrobe between the green garden and the paired pillars of Tuscany.

Dreaming Wardrobe


Fair play

Smooth tailoring

Giorgio Armanis precise grasp of women was perfectly demonstrated at the beginning of the show.

Round shoulder lines, exquisite double-breasted design, and fully fitted trousers, while creating womens strength, but also delicately and vividly depict the beautiful curve of women.

Lightweight, soft satin has always been one of Giorgio Armanis favorite materials. It has both close touch and spirituality that moves with the wind.

The wrinkles with fluency and relaxation give the fabric more vivid vitality. Easy and pleasant, but full of stories in detail, is another tribute to the streamlined style created by Giorgio Armani in 1995.

Classical reproduction

When the classic Armani Blue appeared, the excitement of all Giorgio Armani girls could not be restrained.

Gorgeous velvet, soft satin, Vintage cloth... Different materials and classical Blues collide with the feeling of heartbeat.

Blue Friends have appeared, Noble Classics of black naturally also did not absent. Fit-in suits, light shirts, and smart elegant dresses, the black classics interpret the full elegance.

Low-purity gray, pink and blue are all the new favorites of Giorgio Armani on this show. Not only does it not appear to be flighty and powerless, but also brings a sense of refreshment. It is absolutely the best choice for spring and summer.

The overlapping structure also makes several colors mixed and stacked to present a more subtle visual effect, such as combining different aspects of each girl to create a fuller sense of femininity.

Many people compare girls to flowers, but the beautiful words are never as accurate as Giorgio Armanis description. Colorful printing, flowing brush strokes, the shape between petals shows feminine tenderness.


Precise expression

Wonderful Spirit

Accessories in this seasons show arena are no longer small supporting roles, but give the overall shape of a new soul.

The flowing earrings are like drops of dew pouring into the whole garden, sometimes with a petal, more like a concert of garden and morning dew.

The slightly exaggerated necklace is both accessory and like the stereo printing of the whole look, giving more vitality to the color and fabric.

The belt seems to have a magnifying glass on it this time, and its width has increased several times, but the clever use of transparent materials seems to make the belt become unlike it all at once, showing the charming waistline without the slightest sense of thickness.

On the contrary, sunglasses are no longer round, but more square and angular, which can well neutralize the soft texture.

Thousands of Changes in Bags

Giorgio Armani can always find the most practical entry point without losing points in fashion.

Several of these super Size bags also meet the needs of different girls. The new magic transformation of the bag in the garden also perfectly collides the complex texture with the agile tassels.

The rhythm of the stripes, simple and powerful, as if in the garden can still be a cool girl.

Be a free girl

Giorgio Armani has been doing more comfortable and free self-expression, and this season is no exception. The shoes on the show are more in the form of flat shoes.

Whether in classic pants or summer skirts, its fashionable and does not diminish half the air at all. This delicate balance, Giorgio Armani once again gives a precise interpretation.

Search for more female power in the classics, and feel more female charm in a relaxed dimension. Giorgio Armani is in the garden this season with a little sweetness, but also a lot of firmness in his bones.

Grace from the inside out

On the show, in addition to the fragrance-free designs, there is a moving curtain call for Giorgio Armani conventions. From a brief appearance in the darkness, back to the darkness.

There is also a delicate balance found in the smooth and relaxed line design and slightly eccentric decorative style.

As well as returning to nature to bring coral-like folds and oyster shell-like grey and silver back to the show. They are all concentrated exploration and re-starting of the color and texture of womens clothing.


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