Ten pieces of clothes with 7 sets of Look, a week does not match the same.

 Ten pieces of clothes with 7 sets of Look, a week does not match the same.

Previously, the feeder had written about it, so you can go and have a look.~

Today I brought this Autumn Capsule Wardrobe of the Supreme Aoyi Advanced Edition, but there are a few precautions before opening it.

The basic version of the capsule wardrobe has been written before, the new students suggest reviewing their lessons first. Backstage response: capsule wardrobe. Get a big collection of capsule wardrobes.

Advanced edition of this recommendation to you are high-quality products, prices will be higher. But wearing 3-5 years is absolutely no problem. Its a good deal.

Some of todays items may need to be purchased or purchased on behalf of the official website, but try to choose a website that can be directly mailed to the Mainland of China to hand over Haitao for the first time.

Now that youve finished your remarks, you can get into our topic today. Todays catalogue is simple:

Guidelines for Choosing Autumn Items

Creating Advanced Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule Wardrobe with LOOK

Well, no more nonsense. Its better to sit in the wardrobe and read this article.

Speaking of autumn, Duo Meng first thought of camel coats and sweaters on various patterns.

In spring, autumn, spring and autumn, unlike in spring, autumn does not make much articles on coats. A terrestrial windbreaker or knitted jacket is enough.

In terms of color selection, it is also deep. Brown-red and Tibetan-blue are common colors. White is also the basic choice of soft beige white, the overall more dense.

We just wrote last week, which lists eight super-beautiful autumn colors, want to know more about you can make up lessons by yourself.

Style is more generous, mainly to cut, such as long windbreaker; fabric to wool, leather, such as the more heavy, spring and summer that kind of restless small flowers rarely appear in autumn.

So to sum up, autumn products are good texture, good temperament, warm and thick color.

So dont rush to buy some light pink and light blue coats. Probably they will be idle in this deep season.

What should be cut in the wardrobe?

Well, after looking at the features of autumn above, lets start matching our capsule wardrobe this season.

After all, jeans and black sweaters really dont look very different, but when they come out next season, they will find that they have pilled / deformed / faded and can only be bought again.

Especially in the season of autumn and winter, which needs to be built in, it will consume more in the end.

So this advanced version of capsule wardrobe we only four quarters to ensure that the recommended items and collocations will not be obsolete for 3-5 years, to help you more efficient use of capsule wardrobe, reduce repetitive expenses.

Still worrying about a friend who doesnt want to wear clothes when hes full of cabinets, lets start this autumn and make a big change in his wardrobe.

First of all, it is necessary to tidy up the wardrobe first.

First of all, put away these out of season items and continue to be restless next summer.

And those T-shirts that turn into pajamas and pants that motivate you to lose weight... Since its not appropriate, its good for each other to let go early.

Next, lets look at what basic funds are necessary for autumn?

Before that, Duo Meng sorted out nine pieces of necessary items in girlswardrobes. Lets sift out the base money we need on this basis.

First, delete the little black skirt and the white short sleeves. They are too cold in autumn.

The sweater inside the leather coat is very easy to pocket, so this should also be deleted.

Sea soul shirt can be worn in early autumn, but not in late autumn. Therefore, in order to make use of the whole season, it is decided that this should also be painfully deleted.

After the deletion, we still have white shirts, jeans, half-length skirts, suits and jeans coats. Here are five items Ive been looking for.

This years suit jacket is still the same fire. Six of the 10 Street photos are suit jackets. This time I chose a brown checked suit with soft colors. The loose hem design can well neutralize the hardness of the suit jacket itself.

White shirt and jeans have really run rampant for 10,000 years. In order to keep warm, this time we chose middle-waist black jeans. We also chose soft beige-white shirt with a tie around the waist.

Cowboy jacket is a single product that will drown the crowd accidentally, so I chose a slightly design style, and the sleeves are pretty and easy to match lantern sleeves.

Half-length skirt can not be worn well, but it will show little belly. This Ines cooperation series of Uniqlo is damn sweet. Here is the design of fish tail, which is super thin.

What should I add to the wardrobe?

But its too boring to look at my wardrobe like this. No amount of jewelry can save it. So we need to add some more items.

First of all, we need to add a windbreaker. I dont need to say much about it. ~Walking with the wind, my friends, the windbreaker list is also in preparation.

There are too few inside laps. A pattern inside lap and a high-collar sweater are necessary for a Korean dramatist.

Heres a list of the basic wardrobe items Ive added.~

This wide-legged trousers need to be said, because I dont want too many black items in the wardrobe, so I chose this grey-pink wide-legged suit. Easy to wear, elegant, can go to work shopping.

Okay, lets look at the shoe bag section next.

The pink frame is the new item. In order to have space to give gifts for the holidays, add a practical one to the temporary wardrobe.~

I bought a bunch of small bags in the summer and found that I didnt even have a bag that could hold a scarf, so I added this tote bag.

Since last year, I have been quietly staring at pointed boots. They are not sloppy, too rigid and feminine, so I will definitely add a pair to my wardrobe this year.

Well, lets summarize my autumn capsule wardrobe.

You can take pictures of your clothes, make a list and paste it on the door of your wardrobe. Although its a little troublesome, it can restrain part of your impulse consumption.

In order to make efficient use of capsule wardrobe, we need to buy one that really suits us and has high practicability.

One week with LOOK

Of course, this is the most basic and core part of the capsule wardrobe. I believe that there will be more items in your wardrobe. Lets take a look when you are bored at home.

Here is a week of matching.

This set of matches is very suitable for new students. If students wear this set, they will be the most beautiful ones. Knitted sweaters can also be replaced by light-colored underpinnings in their wardrobes.

Tuesday Half-pond Milk Tea

The Japanese opera hostess is you. Its the same effect to replace skirts or boots.

Wednesday Deicing of Grapefruit Juice

Its more professional. Its good for business meetings.

White Peach Oolong Tea on Thursday

Its a set of daytime work, and evening dates dont go out of the way.

Friday Caramel Latte

Its not only nice to go to work, but also convenient to squeeze the subway to catch the bus. (History of blood and tears)

Blueberry Night on Saturdays

This set is more suitable for people to wear when they go out to play together. The scarf is better in bright colors.

Weekend Peach Star Bingle

This set is very suitable for weekend shopping, leisure and casual. Its also very beautiful to take pictures.

Well, thats all for this capsule wardrobe. Have you packed your wardrobe?

Lets review the steps to tidy up the capsule wardrobe.

Step 1: Delete unnecessary items

Step 2: Check what clothes are missing

Step 3: Identify new clothing styles

Step 4: Adjust according to your own situation

In fact, the capsule wardrobe is like your own style library. When you start to tidy up the capsule wardrobe, you may throw away a lot of clothes, but it doesnt matter. Slowly, you will find that everything you leave behind can be worn for a long time.

And when you set up a capsule wardrobe, when you go shopping, its easy to think, Can this really go with me / is this really suitable for me. Consumption will not be confused by the mirrors and shop assistants in the store. Make sure you buy less, do better and save money.

After all, the ultimate purpose of collating capsule wardrobe is to create a relaxed and delicate life. Finally, I hope you can sort out your own autumn capsule wardrobe. In winter, only 2-3 pieces will be added, so that you can avoid double eleven perfectly.~