Xiao Zhan is not as simple as you think, just like GUCCI.

 Xiao Zhan is not as simple as you think, just like GUCCI.

Under the guidance of Alessandro Michele, a hippie man soaked in antiques, GUCCIs clothes come from skyscrapers on drawing tables, meticulous garment workshops, and meticulous polishing during fitting.

The retro elements are used in various items, such as the inspiration time node in Micheles brain, the forties of the 1950s and 1980s, the rise of high-end ready-to-wear and its golden age.

GUCCI 2009 Autumn and Winter Advertisement Guchi Fashion House

Art Director: Christopher Simmonds

Director and Photographer: Glen Luchford

Hair Design: Paul Hanlon

Makeup design: Thomas DeKluyver

With Alessandro Micheles ingenuity, old elements are constantly being renovated. After reading them, COCO has to say that the classic things are never tired of seeing. For example, the advertising blockbuster of GUCCI Spring and Summer 2009 series pays tribute to Hollywood musicals half a century ago.

The Famous Film Song in the Rain in 1952

The GUCCI Tennis logo reshaped the movement trend in the 1980s.

The classic red-green web ribbon of the brand has rapidly become the representative symbol of social celebrities since it came out in the 1950s. Now the web ribbon has been widened and even flattened. It can appear in all kinds of items, such as GUCCIs explosive toilet clothes and shoulder bags, and become a brand new fashion mark.

GUCCIX Coco Capitn

GUCCI 2017 Autumn and Winter Series

Gucci ss2019

A series of handbags are old and new. Inspired by equestrian sport, the 1955 Horse Tie Button Series launched in the early spring of 2020 is one of the fastest-selling handbags in the history of GUCCI, Using Double-Ring and strip designs and the same shoulder strap design 60 years ago.

The autumn and winter series of handbags in 2019, taken from the designer Guccio Guccis abbreviated double G logo, once again reveals the style. The shoulder strap has been replaced by a silk scarf to present a graceful feeling.

The handbag has the classic logo of double G. It first appeared in the early 1960s, when it appeared in the form of single G or double G. Shortly afterwards, GG evolved into a diamond pattern and was woven into the best-selling cotton canvas travel bag.

GG pattern classical moment 1971

GUCCI handbag Brochure

The metal lock element on Sylvies 1969 handbag dates back half a century, and now its shining again.

Arli series handbags are also the feeling of this retro new handbag. The Arli Series handbags, which have a profile of literature and art and are retro-dated, are named after Arli, the ancient Italian name of Alle. As one of the starting points of the four pilgrimages, Aler belonged to ancient Rome and was an ancient civilization with a long history, art and multiculturalism.

All these old things have a new life under the creation of Alessandro Michele.

Gucci Cruise 2019

GUCCI/Diversified Aesthetics

GUCCIs diversified aesthetics is also worthy of praise.

At present, peoples aesthetic appreciation is not the hexagram of long waist and slender legs. Like the girls in the GUCCI advertising blockbuster, they may be weird, but they always have unique charms to attract you.

GUCCI 2017 Early Autumn Series Advertisements

Unia Pakhomova, for example, is not a typical Russian beauty. Her eyebrows are too light to see, with wide eye spacing, super-large eyes and wide forehead, and she is free from the appearance of an alien. But now Alessandro Michele has become the imperial use of almost all the series of advertising blockbusters have her figure.

GUCCI2019 Spring and Summer Advertising

And her good sister Ellia Sophia, who has an anti-human eye distance and a sweet, mournful look, can you say that they are not beautiful?

GUCCI2019 Spring and Summer Advertising

GUCCI2019 Spring and Summer Advertising

Director: Sean Vegezzi Music: Situation by Yazoo

Dani Miller, the lead visual character of the makeup line, is the lead singer of Surfbort, a Lucklin punk band, with a sense of provocation to traditional aesthetics. It also shows that no matter what race you are, ordinary or beautiful, even if you have big teeth, you can still be very beautiful.


After reading the advertisement, many netizens agree that this is true. Everyone has lived in the filter aesthetics for too long, and is restrained by the conventional aesthetics, so that they can not face the reality of themselves.

This also reflects the aesthetic points that GUCCI wants to convey to you, and the social significance of spreading various aesthetics.

So what new ideas will GUCCI bring to us this season?

GUCCI/Pre-Show Warming-up

Before the show, GUCCI released two videos of Alessandro Michele in GUCCI Art Lab Art Lab on social media.

GUCCIArt Lab, as the leading center and testing laboratory of handicraft industrialization, helps GUCCI to develop leather products and footwear products, which is another great initiative launched by Alessandro Michele, Director of Creativity, since assuming this position. After reading the COCO, I have taken out my bank card. Here is the money for you.

GUCCIArt Labs Gucci Art Lab Art Laboratory is mainly engaged in the following activities: internal model design of all leather goods (handbags, bags, small leather pieces, belts) and footwear (ladies/men, elegant/sports) and sample production of new materials, hardware and packaging R&D laboratory testing laboratory (artificial climate room and objects). Physical and Chemical Testing) Internal Shoe Last Design and Manufacturing Department of Accessory Laboratory Data Source for Pre-industrial Processing of Bamboo Processing and Manufacturing Laboratory in Leather Area: GUCCI

This seasons GUCCI, the open invitation letter is very small and fresh, it seems to verify the difference of this show.

GUCCI/Show Starlight

Xiao Zhan, wearing GUCCI knitted cardigan, appeared on the streets of Milan, matched with autumn and winter series backpacks and Screener sneakers, the sunshine is just right, opening a pleasant journey.

In a twinkling of an eye to the show, wearing a plaid suit with a high-collar shirt, combines elegance and retro, classic and creative casting is extraordinary, is the aesthetic of the designer right.

Li Bible wears GUCCI dark blue uniform and green high-heeled shoes to show off, full of academic style.

GUCCI/Show Show Direct

Although GUCCI has always been making surprises in recent years, this one is really amazing and happy. At the moment when the curtain door opened, the whole show was illuminated and the models appeared on the movable stretcher. The first series of pure white looks set the models like psychotic patients who lost their soul.

Background music is also constantly repeating: Im not a rmalperson... Frommyselftomyself... Frommyselftomyself...

After more than a dozen seconds of blackouts, the show officially opened, this time GUCCI staged a total of 89 look.

This seasons GUCCI2020 Spring and Summer Series is a fashionable power game, and Michele uses the first 60 sets of pure white metaphors to talk about Michel Foucaults micro power. Our daily life, behavior and appearance are governed by a series of rules, which Michele refutes with a morbid and decadent aesthetic feeling in the expressions of the opening models.

Once this established impression is applied to life, we must urgently encourage the formation of new forms of subjects to get rid of the pressure of stereotypes. Designers convey their rebellious spirit through strong high saturation colors, red, orange, green, blue... It contrasts sharply with the pure white of the opening.

The background music of this show is also grotesque and blurred. The intermittent or continuous heavy breathing may represent the call of the suppressed crowd. Another key word is Normal Person, which is constantly mentioned in the background music, and then repeated notanormal lperson, which implies the struggle of people on the pipeline. And resistance.

This season, GUCCI began to subtract from ready-made clothes. It removed the complicated decoration and simply used the collision and contrast of color blocks to convey the designers mood. It simplified the complexity and returned to the original. GUCCI has created antidotes for regulatory standards, but that doesnt mean buying them by force or jumping from one rule to another. On the contrary, fashion can make people have all kinds of possibilities, cultivate self-esthetic sense, so that everyone can create their own positioning in the world, beyond any external imposed norms. Here, the desire of the self shines.

GUCCI/Show Details


GUCCI bags are still a combination of visible retro classics and trendy trends this year, with briefcases like suitcases. Every time you go to work, you are as happy as traveling. Square shell wrap with a logo horseshoe button has a high degree of recognition, has always been the style of GUCCI. The slogan slogan slogan design in GUCCI design, which refuses boredom, is also a feature. This wine-red shell package is arranged on it, and the rigorous package is immediately interesting.

Flipping chain bag is also one of the masters of GUCCI. This seasons Flipping Chain bag has a very punk feeling. Sizes daily back is just right. Whoever carries this bag is cool out of the sky! Rare leather bumps into horseshoe buckles, so bad is the feeling of heartbeat. The square shape and the gloss of the leather itself make the tyrant president of Baozhong carry a trumpet.

Shoes and shoes

This season, GUCCI upgraded the popular horseshoe buckle shoes from the previous season to version 2.0, changed the toe tips to be more fashionable, and put more chains in the back of the feet. This shoe is still the way to wear slippers and single shoes. Buying it is equivalent to having a whole season of fashion - COCO feeling that this season female stars will have another pair of hands.

Boots are more domineering. With boots on your calves, you are a beautiful undercover hiding in the world.

Horseshoe button element is really good for GUCCI. This simple sandal with high heels has a sense of detail, high identification and not vulgar. GUCCI is a damn and nowhere-to-be charm!


GUCCI is really inspired by the design of sunglasses. Every sunglasses can be unique in every quarter. Who else is this creativity? This years thick border plus acrylic material thick chain, swag can look high fashion at the same time, a variety of colors selected to your soft hand, without a COCO feel sorry for themselves!

With dramas choker, even the simple style looks full of layers. Its still a lions head with a high rate of appearance. A bursts, but the Little Daisy makes you look very gentle and the contradiction is so harmonious. Is it really good?

GUCCI/Show Space

The show was set up at GUCCI Milan headquarters, which was rebuilt from an aeronautical manufacturer called GUCCIHub. The newly built glass building with modern industrial style in 2018 is in sharp contrast to the old-fashioned red brick houses nearby.

T-stands stretch straight out of the church-like vault, and surrealist white space surrounds the middle of several blue-green conveyor belts. The whole show is like a repressive and solemn modern religious ceremony. Excessively pure white space symbolizes the oppression and surveillance of indifferent rights, while the cold conveyor belt with a sense of medical equipment symbolizes the same human behavior as the numb pipeline under social norms.

The fall and winter show in 2019 shows GUCCIs fantasies about heaven and hell, not only playing the Basque hymn of the archangel Gabriel, but also playing the painful music of the lions grinding teeth roaring. The models face was dripped with holy golden tears, but the head was wearing a mask symbolizing the devils horn, which made people feel extremely contradictory and painful.

Autumn and winter 2018 is the most unforgettable show of GUCCI. The coexistence of terror, beauty and madness has challenged orthodox social concepts, gender concepts and even ethical concepts. Invitations ticking like time bombs are just the beginning of this magnificent rebellious event.

The show was set up as a sterile green operating room, and the audience sat in plastic chairs on both sides like patients waiting for treatment. In the center of the show is an operating table and searchlight, like a real ongoing biochemical birth operation.

The 2018 Holiday Series GUCCI moved the show directly into the Pitty Palace in Florence, where more than 500 Renaissance paintings were kept in Palatine Gallery. Surrounded by brilliant paintings and Renaissance architectural style, the window is an amazing Bopoli Garden.

T-stands pass between the works and the audience. Models hold golden laurel crowns and are enclosed by elegant black galleries like another exhibit in this splendid gallery.

The Holiday Series 2019 was held in the garden of the Aliskamp Cemetery outside the walls of Alle in southern France. On both sides lay the sarcophagus of the Roman rulers, and the gloomy music and smoke with bells spread through the air.

A row of flames spread in the center of the platform, and thousands of dead people boiled beneath the smoky surface of the site. The river of fire licks the road between the graves, and the model shuttles through the smoke with a mysterious and solemn expression, which brings a bit of horror to this tragic scene.

The GUCCI show in 2018 is more like a Carnival Party at the Pegamon Museum in Berlin, which has an amazing collection of antiques. The whole show is almost like a movie plot. There are numerous models of historical relics around the stage T. They are deliberately placed in the shape of a map of Michelles dormitory, a famous Roman poet.

In the darkness, only the blue T-stage of the lake is clearly visible under the spotlight. Everything else, such as the huge building model, is in the dim light, which is particularly spectacular and mysterious. The flickering green laser lights add to the ambivalence of smoky, half-bright and half-dark environments.

Maybe its the source of GUCCI to break the rules, jump out of the comfort zone and live the way you want.

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Ins/Oriental IC/Sina Weibo

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