A Brief Comment on the Trial Play of Hunter and Beast DLC in Total War: Hammer 2

 A Brief Comment on the Trial Play of Hunter and Beast DLC in Total War: Hammer 2

Of course, these are the scripts of the two legendary lords in the games Great Vortex campaign mode. In addition, the legendary lords can also be used in the mortal empire campaign mode. It was also the first time that the factional forces of the Empire appeared in the main battle of the Great Vortex, but the aim of the battle was not to control the Great Vortex, but to compete for the control of Ruthcia.

But in fact, the main content of this DLC is similar to the independent battle plot of Hammer 1, that is, the eye for eye of the beasts and the apocalypse season of wood elves. But this time CA did not let it separate chapter, but some put the two in the big whirlpool campaign model. In fact, if we refine Ruths campaign map and design a more detailed script, we should be able to make the DLC more independent into chapters. After all, the price of DLC is there. We dont need to force too much.

In terms of the Imperial Hunters, the campaign of Marcus has two main characteristics:

One is the imperial decree, which is essentially similar to the divine blessings mechanism of lizards. Of course, the details also change. With the accumulation of the results of Marcusbattle, the Empire will send more powerful recruits and necessary building unlocking conditions free of charge. What kind of reinforcement is also available to the players. By choice. In the whole process, there are both restrictions and options. This is also a point that I am very satisfied with personally.

The second is that Marcus can recruit four unique heroes who wander in Russia. It can be said that only one firepower is needed, and they can form the Five Strongs of Ufrek in Plague 2. Here is a dwarf engineer, a paladin from Barto, a woodwork wizard, and a wizard hunter from the Empire. All four heroes have unique bonuses, and some have unique skill trees. It can be said that these four heroes are also a very successful and fresh element in the campaign of DLC.

From the battle point of view, compared with the brilliant design of the campaign, the DLCs new Imperial Army is obviously some chicken ribs. The location of Lord Marcus is somewhat similar to that of the former Elf Shadow King, who is a powerful long-range general. Ordinary Hunter lords can also be recruited. Marcuss skills are obviously very useful for anti-large forces, beast units, or lords and heroes, but as an unmounted marching general, its dangerous to get close to him. In fact, if the hunter Lord is replaced by the hero, I personally think that there will be more room to play.

In terms of common arms, the arms of the DLC Empire have basically no bright spots. Archers as a lowest level of long-range, because the ability to break armor is low, it also has the value of appearing in the first few rounds, the overall cost-effective is not as good as the original crossbow; huntersbreaking armor is also not very significant, but anti-large, pioneer deployment and mobile shooting, these characteristics make it still a useful price. Value of the military; two battle barricades, gun shooting type is not as adaptable as the pioneer cavalry, mortar type and even more worthless, until you can recruit this kind of military, obviously better to recruit fireworks.

In fact, for the Empire, long-range and artillery have been basically improved, mainly its infantry, especially in the mid and late stages, the resistance line and output capacity is still too weak compared with other factions. We know that the original empires renewal, although the introduction of provincial unique arms, but the basic is skin change, or lack of substantive recruits. On the whole, the campaign design of the Imperial Hunters is still very positive, but the new recruits in the battle, personally, do not think that they are of great use value and lack of richness to the entire military system of the Empire.

On the lizard Nakai side, the opposite is true. Nakais campaign mechanism is much simpler and rougher, and the battle is full of fun.

In terms of campaigns, Nakais game is simply nomadic herding. But the nomadic herd is very pure or somewhat humble. Of course, this is also a common problem in the current Whole War series of nomadic factions.

Nakais nomadic method is, on the one hand, that he has a nomadic system, on the other hand, that he is a guardian of the grand plan system of subordinate forces. After Nakai captured the town, he could not occupy it. He could choose to give it to the Guardian of the Great Plan faction, and to worship one of the three ancient saints (similar to the Noskas four-god mechanism of chaos) to obtain the ancient sacred grace, while the original system of divine services needed different ancient sacred grace here. Unlocking, and different ancient divine graces can also bring a specific factional bonus. This unique occupation mechanism is not a problem in the system of play, which is in line with the characteristics of nomadism, but also can bring special campaign bonuses and military incentives.

But the post-occupation mechanism is that players almost completely lose control. The first is that Nakais grand plan keeper has not developed, no matter how many towns you finally built for the faction. The town guards of this faction have only 14 units, which can cope with the invading forces in the early stage, but in the middle and late stages, these guards are easily attacked by hostile factions.

In addition, because there is no development, the faction is unable to send troops on its own; unless a full line is summoned for the faction by carrying out a sacrifice, but it can only help you attack the town, or even occupy it by itself, neither recruits nor supplements, and there is a long time between the two summons. This lack of autonomous servant makes Nakais whole campaign strategy too simple to play, and the result of the campaign may feel like an empty shelf to the players. In addition, because of the inability to loot and the small amount of tribute paid by his servants, it was almost impossible for Nakai to build up his second army during the whole campaign. In order to cope with the shortage of funds, Nakai had to collect gifts everywhere, which was a duplicate operation.

In addition, there is a serious problem in the design of Nakais architectural system. Originally, its new sacred giant lizard plus the original giant lizard can form a separate military building chain, but this time the CA separates the giant lizard arms. The common giant lizard relies on the main city building to unlock, while the ancient giant lizard needs the three-level lizard building chain to unlock, which is a big problem, because on the one hand, the initial soldiers of Nakai. The main species is the saurian army, and the initial recruits are mainly saurian soldiers, but you find that in order to recruit ancient giant lizards, you need to build two levels of worthless buildings first.

In terms of combat, this time, Nakai is not only a giant lizard melee commander with aggressive charge action, but also a new giant lizard force, which supplements the shortcomings of the high-level infantry output ability of the lizards. Of course, the new dinosaurs need not say more, so that the lizard peoples Jurassic Park has added a more powerful recruit: although the output is unstoppable, but too large size also requires players to pay attention to the enemys fire.

Overall, Nakais play is simpler and more direct. Fighting is the main highlight, but the tactics of battle are too simple, which sometimes limits the playersexperience of battle. In the Great Vortex Battle of the Empire Marcus, Nakai often appeared in the early stage of the campaign, when factions collapsed, and then resurrected in the final battle...

Finally, we know that this DLC is accompanied by a free new lord, Great White Lizard Gorock, and the Empires re-emperor selection mechanism. The former is somewhat similar to Cao Caos forces in All Wars: Three Kingdoms. Although it looks simple and the troops fight very hard, it is easy to be attacked by enemies everywhere. The latters empires emperor-electing mechanism combined with the manipulation mechanism of emperor-electing by the high-class court conspiring to change skins seems to be unsuccessful on the whole and seriously slows down the battle rhythm. And sometimes it disrupts the course of the campaign. The most prominent port revenue arithmetic problem and the entire Empires economic system will be updated in the future, which will not be discussed here.

From the point of view of the whole charge DLC, compared with the previous master package DLC, this CA seems to be in a hurry and lack of necessary optimization in the design of play: the new content has bright spots, but there are many flaws, of course, the Empire is still the brother country. Further updates are needed to solve the problem.