The US Air Force plans to develop flying cars: to fly quietly in the air

 The US Air Force plans to develop flying cars: to fly quietly in the air

Reference News Network reported on September 24 that the United States Air Force is planning to develop a flying car.

The Air Force is seeking to develop so-called flying cars as a quieter means of transportation, according to a report on the website of the monthly magazine Volkswagen Machinery on September 20. The Air Forces Assistant Procurement Secretary, Will Robert, hopes to create a military vehicle by drawing on civil aviations air taxi service. The end result may be the 21st century version of a jeep or truck, but the new vehicle can fly silently.

The U.S. Air Force is launching a new project called Best Agility to explore the possibility of developing a military flying car or truck, Defense No. 1 website quoted Robert as saying. The noise of electric flying vehicle is relatively small, and it can transport troops in the whole battlefield and nearby areas, thus avoiding the enormous noise from the rotors of conventional power aircraft. The sounds of helicopters and tilt-rotor planes can travel several kilometers away, making it easy for enemies on the ground to reveal their whereabouts.

U.S. Army Flying Vehicle Concept Map (Volkswagen Machinery Monthly Web Site)

Reported that in 2016, the U.S. military had tried to modify flying vehicles to transport special forces, but because of the relatively small carrying capacity of flying vehicles, the attempt failed at that time. In an interview with Defense No. 1, the head of the Aeronautical Engineering Department of Ubuntu said that the small carrying capacity of these vehicles meant the need for decentralized transport forces. The Special Forces apparently want to be able to transport more soldiers, so that the entire force carrying out the assault mission landed in one go.

The report points out that the Air Force seems to be adjusting the concept of flying vehicles to a different mission, no longer regarding flying vehicles as vehicles for special operations, but as flying jeeps or trucks in a sense.

American media believe that the concept of reloading ammunition for fighter planes by transporting weapons in flying vehicles is quite novel. The U.S. military is moving closer to the concept of decentralized warfare, deploying small batches of fighter planes in a wider range to counter enemy attacks. This may include the use of civil airports and other landing aircraft. Flying vehicles carrying a batch of air-to-air missiles or other ammunition can meet F-35A fighters at a remote airport to rearm them for new missions.

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