Melissas Naval Alliance watches the Persian Gulf and calls allies to meet in cold weather.

 Melissas Naval Alliance watches the Persian Gulf and calls allies to meet in cold weather.

Reference News Network reported on September 24 that the Japanese media said that the United States hopes to gather 55 warships from various countries to form a maritime surveillance formation in the Persian Gulf by November this year.

According to Kyodo News Agency on September 19, the Trump Administration proposed to the United States allies and friendly countries a plan to send a naval security alliance composed of 55 U.S. and other countriesships to the Persian Gulf in November this year. The United States presented the above information at a relevant meeting held in Bahrain, the Middle East on 16 January, and relevant persons from participating countries disclosed the information to the outside world.

Japanese media said that as of the time of publication, only five countries had announced their membership in the alliance, and there were difficulties in realizing the plan. The Japanese government has not yet made a statement.

U.S. Navy Patrol Boats Cruising in the Sea of Hormuz (U.S. Navy Website)

Japanese media said that the meeting was initiated by the US Central Command responsible for US military affairs in the Middle East, located on British naval vessels off the coast of Bahrain, and attended by representatives of 28 countries. It is reported that the proposed Multinational Maritime Formation Command will be located in Bahrain. Kuwait, Finland and Latvia have indicated that they are considering sending staff to the Command. At this stage, only the United Kingdom, Australia, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates formally agreed to the United States request to join the fleet. There have been reports that Israel is providing support in areas such as information gathering, but no formal announcement has been made.

Japanese media believe that the United States wants more countries to join the alliance and is persuading participating countries. However, neither Germany nor France, the European powers of NATO, attended the meeting.

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