Blow out a powerful force! Russian Inflatable Legion staged a modern version of grass boat borrowing arrows

 Blow out a powerful force! Russian Inflatable Legion staged a modern version of grass boat borrowing arrows

Reference News Network reported on September 24: hide the sky and cross the sea, steal beams and change pillars, hide the truth and show the falsehood, hide the warehouse... Fraud is perhaps the oldest tactic in warfare. It has almost never been absent in all the famous warfare cases at home and abroad, and often has unexpected effects.

Russias Ministry of Defense announced on September 19 that during the Central-2019 military exercise held at the Donguz training ground in Orenburg, Russian engineering camouflage forces created a strong (false) big (false) one in the air on the battlefield by using inflatable T-72 tanks and S-300 anti-aircraft missiles to confuse and mislead theenemy. The Russian army.

The special drama is directed by the Russian Armys full-time counterfeiting force - the 45th Independent Engineering Camouflage Regiment, which is nicknamed inflatable corps because of its frequent use of inflatable weapons and equipment to create military false targets.

Inflatable Air Defense Missile Model (Russian Ministry of Defence)

According to Russian media reports, the main equipment of the camouflage regiment is inflatable weapon model. The weapon models currently appearing in various exercises include MiG-31 interceptor, Su-27 fighter, T-72 tank, T-80 tank, S-300 missile, radar vehicle, support vehicle and dot tactical missile launcher. In addition, the Ministry is equipped with some special equipment, which can greatly reduce the efficiency of enemy optical, infrared and radar reconnaissance systems.

Of course, these inflatable weapon models are essentially different from the inflatable dolls we usually see in shopping malls and playgrounds. Russian Satellite Network reported that some advanced inflatable models of the Russian Army (such as ballistic missile models) used special metal coatings and looked like real military equipment on radar screens.

Some inflatable weapon models are equipped with transmitters for infrared detection of the enemy, low-power motors whose frequencies are close to the real ones, and the temperature characteristics (infrared signals) of real equipment are simulated by heating the metal mesh wires on the models. All efforts are made to achieve one goal. All kinds of reconnaissance equipment can be false and true.

Workers at the inflatable weapons factory are looking at drawings (video screenshots)

According to reports, these inflatable weapons generally adopt the structure of skeleton and external airbag, which is very portable. For example, T-80 tank only has more than 30 kilograms. After folding, a soldier can carry them, while those large-scale equipment is only about 100 kilograms. All kinds of vehicles can carry them.

After the inflatable weapon arrives at the predetermined position, it takes only 5 minutes for a single equipment to complete the inflatable deployment. Russian media Shao said that taking a fake T-80 tank battalion camp as an example, it would take only two and a half hours to complete the deployment. In addition to the necessary counterfeit tanks, barracks and support vehicles, special equipment can be used to forge traces of tanks around the barracks. In other words, in a short period of time to open up a decent variety of regular positions, is the Russian Armys 45th Independent Engineering Camouflage Regiment inactive.

How much does such a dedicated simulation weapon cost? Video released by a Russian manufacturer of inflatable weapons shows that its inflatable T-80 tank costs only $20,000 per unit, while an inflatable S-300 missile launcher costs only $50,000, not to mention that big customers like the Russian Army should be able to get discounts. From the point of view of buy toys, these big toys are really expensive, but its cost-effective to think about the heavy equipment they need to disguise, which is millions or hundreds of millions of dollars, and the important role they may play in the war.

Inflatable Tank Model (Russian Ministry of Defence)

According to Russias Source report, in Russias 2020 National Armament Plan, the procurement of camouflage and simulation equipment is listed as a separate chapter, which shows the importance it attaches to camouflage weapons and this traditional advantage area. According to the Russian Satellite Network, starting in 2014, the Russian Strategic Missile Force has also begun to use inflatable Poplar-M and Yars intercontinental missile launchers to cover the strategic missile force operations - night falls. After the transfer of the missile force, the camp will be guarded by inflatable strategic missiles.

These lifelike inflatable weapons and equipment are being staged in the modern version of Grass Boat Borrowing Arrows. They can not only confuse and lure the enemy, but also provide so many large killers and heavy equipment in the battlefield. They can also play a role of frightening the enemy and even defeat the enemy without fighting. These battlefield magicians directed plays will induce the enemy to misjudge and have a significant impact on the direction of the war. (Wen/Dong Lei)

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