Curriculum Reform in Hubei Primary School: No Mathematics Class for Grade One or Two Students

 Curriculum Reform in Hubei Primary School: No Mathematics Class for Grade One or Two Students

According to the Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Deepening the Reform of Education and Teaching and Improving the Quality of Compulsory Education in an All-round Way, published in June this year, on Opening up and opening up well the courses prescribed by the State, without arbitrarily increasing or reducing the class hours, changing the difficulty and adjusting the progress, and It is strictly forbidden to replace the national courses with local courses and school-based courses. It is strictly forbidden to use unauthorized textbooks and other related requirements. The Chibi Education Bureau found that the experiment of curriculum reform in Zhengyang Primary School did not complete the national curriculum according to the regulations, did not offer mathematics courses, replaced the national curriculum with school-based curriculum, and used unauthorized textbooks, which violated the requirements of opinions.

The work of curriculum reform and the situation of being called off have aroused a heated discussion among netizens in the network. Reporters learned from the Chibi Education Bureau that after the curriculum reform experiment in Zhengyang Primary School was stopped, the Chibi Education Bureau was supervising the school to take effective measures to strictly comply with the relevant requirements and open good courses to ensure that students participating in the curriculum reform experiment teaching was not affected.

Relevant person in charge of Chibi Education Bureau introduced that if Zhengyang Primary School has objections to the rectification requirements, it may apply to the peoples government at the corresponding level or the competent department of higher education for administrative reconsideration.

Source of this article: Xinhua responsible editor: Yu Rainbow_NBJ11060