The 70-year Time Tunnel of New China visited by Xi Jinping, the eye of current political news, invites you to see it first.

 The 70-year Time Tunnel of New China visited by Xi Jinping, the eye of current political news, invites you to see it first.

Xi Jinping visited the Great Course, Brilliant Achievements - Large Achievement Exhibition Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the founding of the Peoples Republic of China (Source: CCTV)

Xi Jinping visited the Great Course, Glorious Achievements - A Great Achievement Exhibition to Celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the founding of the Peoples Republic of China.

Do you know these New China No. 1?

The exhibition was held in Beijing Exhibition Hall with the theme of Opening up and Developing Socialist Road with Chinese Characteristics and Building a Socialist Modernized Country. On the eve of the Nineteenth Party Congress in 2017, General Secretary Xi Jinping came here to visit the Five Years of Striving Forward exhibition.

The full name of the exhibition is Great Course and Glorious Achievements - A Great Achievement Exhibition to Celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the founding of the Peoples Republic of China. With chronological style as the main line of time, the exhibition arranges and designs five parts: preface hall, standing in the east, reform and opening up, moving towards revival, and the right path on earth. Among them, Standing in the East corresponds to 1949-1978, Reform and opening up corresponds to 1978-2012, Towards revival corresponds to 2012-2019.

In July 1956, the Liberation CA10 truck pulled off the production line, which was the first batch of domestic cars in China.

In July 1958, the first Dongfanghong tractor was successfully manufactured, ending the history that China could not produce tractors.

In August 1958, Chinas first Red Flag premium car was successfully developed.

In March 1958, the first black-and-white TV set in China, Beijing TV set, was successfully developed.

In August 1958, Chinas first electronic tube computer, Model 103, was successfully developed with a speed of 1800 operations per second.

The first wind and cloud meteorological satellite. In September 1988, Chinas first polar orbiting meteorological satellite, Fengyun-1A, was successfully launched, filling the gap in the application of meteorological satellites in China.

In October 1988, the Shanghai-Jiading expressway, the first expressway in China, was opened to traffic.

In addition to the unified logo New China No. 1, there are many New China No. 1 appearances in the exhibition.

In November 1951, the first set of radio gymnastics was promulgated in China. So far, nine sets of radio gymnastics have been promulgated. Which set of radio gymnastics do you remember?

On July 1, 1956, the weather forecast was first published in Peoples Daily.

Do you know what the weather was on the day you were born? This is an interesting interactive part of the exhibition.

The First Doctoral Certificate of New China issued in March 1982. The lucky boy was Lieutenant Ma, a 42-year-old doctor of science at the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

October 1986, Chinas first farmhouse music was born in Sichuan. This is a comparison of the old and new Xujiayuan, the first generation of farmhouse entertainment.

The daily life around the Chinese people has entered the history of New China.

The history of a country is inseparable from the history of every family and individual. In this large-scale achievement exhibition, many daily articles from ordinary peoples homes entered the exhibition hall. Lets see what reminds you of.

Early marriage certificate.

Delicate clothes. A kind of clothing fabrics once swept the whole country is the first generation of chemical fibre products.

Withdrawal from the history of BP machine. In May 1984, Guangzhou built the first digital paging system in China.

The barefoot doctors medicine cabinet.

Hukou books of Wuhan City in Hubei Province in different periods since the founding of New China.

Certificates of award for various periods in the exhibition.

Lets look at the childrens certificate from other families. Its a certificate from 1955.

The award of 1963.

Current Affairs News Eye found that five Chinese families were moved to the scene of a major achievement exhibition. These scenes of different regions and different historical periods can not help but remind people of the past and the changes of the times.

Marriage houses in the 1950s. In May 1950, the first law promulgated by New China was the Marriage Law of the Peoples Republic of China.

The living quarters of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps are diwozi. Diwozi is a simple way of living in desertification area, which can resist wind and sand, warm in winter and cool in summer, but has poor ventilation.

At the beginning of reform and opening-up, peoples livelihood food, clothing, housing and transportation reappeared. In this way, the two families live next to each other.

Rural households in the early stage of reform and opening up.

Urban families in the early stage of reform and opening up.

These exhibits in the exhibition witness the footsteps of New China.

In addition to the picture exhibition boards, various models and video materials, this exhibition also has a lot of valuable exhibitions, most of which are original.

Election votes for the Committee of the Central Peoples Government of the Peoples Republic of China at the First Plenary Session of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference.

During the period of resisting the United States and aiding the DPRK, Zhang Taofang, a well-known cold-gunner of the Chinese Peoples Volunteer Army, fought alone for 32 days, killing 214 United Nations Army, setting a record for killing enemies by cold-gun. This is the Soviet M1944 7.62 mm rifle he used.

The May 4th Constitution.

Lei Fengs diary.

Deng Xiaoping twice donated documents to Project Hope in the name of an old Communist Party member.

The return capsule of Shenzhou-1 unmanned test spacecraft in 1999.

In September 2008, Shenzhou VII manned spacecraft was launched, and Chinese astronauts successfully carried out their first space walk.

Gold, silver and bronze medals in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

The Nobel Prize and Certificate in Physiology or Medicine awarded by Tu Youyou in 2015.

In January 2017, Zhao Zhongxian won the highest national science and technology award. This is the award-winning certificate.

This exhibition embodies the main lines of the past Party congresses and major plenary sessions of the Central Committee, the five-year plan (plan) and so on. It fully utilizes the means of multimedia technology such as sound and photoelectricity to show the magnificent course of development, the glorious achievements touching the world, and the precious experience and Inspiration of the new China.

With the increasing number of years on the ground, we can experience the 70-year time tunnel of New China.

The visit of the General Secretary coincides with the Chinese Peasant Harvest Festival. The corner of the exhibition area is a rich harvest scene.

The large-scale achievement exhibition celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Peoples Republic of China was officially opened on September 23. One highlight moment, one historical moment, one scene after another, in addition to seven British model walls, 60 key indicators, more than a dozen orange-red theme exhibition boards... To feel this tunnel of time, you have to experience it first-hand.

According to the announcement, a number of special visits will be held before National Day, when the pavilion will be temporarily closed. The specific opening hours are: 24 and 26 September, 27 morning, 28 afternoon and 29 afternoon, which are open to the public. The exhibition will be suspended for one day on October 1, and will be held normally after October 2. In addition, since September 29, the public can visit the online exhibition hall of the large-scale achievement exhibition (