Brazilian Coach: Chinese womens volleyball team cant believe they are ready for the Olympics

 Brazilian Coach: Chinese womens volleyball team cant believe they are ready for the Olympics

The 2019 Womens Volleyball World Cup is going on here. China narrowly beat Brazil 3-2 on the 22nd evening. According to Jimaris, the Chinese team is very strong now. If the Tokyo Olympic Games begin now, the Chinese team is ready.

The Chinese team is incredible. The performance of No. 1 (Yuan Xinyu, who won 26 points in the Battle between China and Pakistan) was incredible and amazing, as was Zhu Ting. No. 9 (Zhang Changning) and No. 17 (Yanni) are also excellent. If the Olympic Games begin today, they are ready.

Jimaris believes that next years Tokyo Olympic Championship will be between China, the United States and Serbia, while Brazil is in the second tier.

Our team is also good, but we need to improve, not at the same level with them, they are at another level.

With less than a year to go before the Tokyo Olympics, Jimaris believes that the overall pattern of volleyball will not change much.

You can adjust one or two players, but you cant change too much in 12 months. Its difficult to adjust again.

Jimarianstein said that the goal of Brazil in this World Cup is not to win the championship, but to rehearse the team. General Natalia and General Tandara did not travel with the team, and Sheila and Fabiana did not reach their best soon after their return.

We lack two players and we know where we are now. But its important for our team to play in a match like the World Cup. Without them, its very difficult to play against a strong team like China and the United States, because China and the United States have formed. We try to learn from them. They are really great. We will win and lose. The key is to prepare for the important next season.

Gimaris believes there is room for young Brazilians to rise.

Its not an easy year for us because the team has played five different games. Lorenny, Drusilla and Mala have made progress in this years competition, which is very important. Natalia will be back in the team next year, and I think well be better off.

Source: Lu Ting_NS5242, responsible editor of Xinhua News Agency