Financial science and technology talents are sought after by fund companies to start the robbery war

 Financial science and technology talents are sought after by fund companies to start the robbery war

Unlike last years cold winter of finance, in the recent market of double harvest in the scale and performance of public funds, expanding the talent pool has become a necessary choice for fund companies. China Securities Journal reporters combed the major recruitment websites and found that many fund companies, such as Jiashi, Fuguo, Huitianfu, Guangfa, Jianxin, Bank of China, Great Wall, Pengyang, Central Europe and Guojin, have issued recruitment plans.

From September 11, the Huitianfu Campus Recruitment Fund has thrown out 28 posts in four categories: investment and research, market, operation and management, and information technology. Jiashi Fund also gives more jobs, including 26 types of positions, technology, market and investment and research are its main needs. On September 20, Guangzhou Development Fund issued a school enrollment notice, giving a total of 26 specific positions, including research, background and sales. In addition, the Bank of China Fund has opened 19 job categories to 35 people, the Wells Fargo Fund has opened 15 job categories to school admissions, and the National Fund has opened 9 job categories to school admissions.

Last year, due to the market downturn, many financial institutions have chosen to reduce the size of recruitment or even suspend large-scale school enrollment. In the cold winter of finance, fresh students are also frequently recruited. Some graduates actively apply for postponement of graduation in order to ease the recruitment situation in the next year. Graduates from a well-known university in the South say that this year is better than last year, and many big companies are recruiting.

Zhang Tian (not his real name), a person related to a large fund company, said: This year, the number of school enrollment is relatively higher. In previous years, companies generally did not publish uniform information. Departments can organize recruitment on their own when necessary. This year has been notified, some departments are the first to recruit. Li Yi (pseudonym), a person related to a medium-sized fund company in North China, said: The company has just issued a notice of school enrollment. Researchers, channel sales and backstage posts all have supplementary needs. Last year, there was basically no recruitment on campus.

According to the data released recently by the Fund Industry Association, as of the end of July 2019, the total assets of public funds in China amounted to 13.72 trillion yuan. Compared with June, the scale increased by 1.93% annually. According to statistics, this is the first time that the total size of public funds has returned to positive growth after four consecutive months of decline, and the number of funds in the whole industry has exceeded 6,000. In addition, compared with the performance of previous years, this years performance of active partial equity fund is far better than that of 2018 and 2017, which is the best in nearly three years, approaching the performance level of 2015.

Bund-snatching Financial Science and Technology

In addition, since this year, financial science and technology stand on the wind, financial science and technology talent has become an important goal of the companies. Reporters learned that some companies recruit only two categories of posts: investment research and financial technology. Some companies even launched a special recruitment plan for financial technology talents.

A large fund company in northern China revealed that in the first half of this year, the company recruited some talents through social recruitment, mainly in financial and technological positions. A person from a medium-sized fund company said that the company is currently recruiting mainly IT technical personnel, but also the focus of the next stage of the companys development.

In recent years, in terms of time, campus recruitment has an increasing trend in advance. Unlike previous golden nine silver ten autumn recruitments, more companies choose to snatch ahead of time through summer internship, during which outstanding performers will be formally recruited ahead of time, while autumn recruitment becomes a supplementary recruitment method.

Source: Ren Hui_NBJ9607, Responsible Editor of China Securities Daily