Financial Competition: How many streets have you been dumped by millions of companies per capita?

 Financial Competition: How many streets have you been dumped by millions of companies per capita?

In the TV drama Big House Gate, Grandma educated her grandson and said, Now you work hard, you candry bankin the future.

As the Big Brother in financial institutions, banks are still the jobs many graduates yearn for. Working in a bank may not be as well paid as other financial institutions at the beginning, but it wont be too bad after a few yearsexperience, and its easier to go to other financial institutions after coming out of the bank. Li Dan, who has worked in a state-owned bank for six years, said that she planned to leave her job recently. As soon as her resume was posted on the recruitment website, she received a lot of headhunterscalls, and there were often people in the same industry digging horns, looking at her work experience in the bank.

Li Dan said that the incentive mechanism of joint-stock banks is relatively perfect, so salaries are relatively high, while the advantages of state-owned banks lie in obvious platform advantages, high customer quality, allowing them to get to know more high-quality contacts, and broad prospects for future transformation.

However, with the popularization of financial technology, many traditional positions in banks have been gradually replaced by AI, which has also caused some bankersworries. The penetration of AI is definitely a major direction. For example, companies have launched robotic auditing loans, and many traditional jobs may disappear in the future.

Dong Ximiao, chief researcher of Xinwan Bank, pointed out in an interview with Zhongxin Jingwei Client (Wechat Public No. jwview) that AI can not replace the banks credit auditors in the short term. There are still some technical problems in biometric technology. At present, it is only a supplementary means in credit auditing, and credit auditing involves many aspects. To determine the lender is only one of them. Dong Xizhao is known as.

In recent years, influenced by the fluctuation of capital market, some securities firms have frequently heard about wage cuts. However, from the financial data of 2018, securities firms are still well-deserved high-wage industries.

According to Wind data, the average salary of securities dealers reached 350,500 yuan in 2018, down from 384,200 yuan in the previous year, but still killing most industries in seconds. From the annual report of 2018, the income gap between different securities firms is also large. The average salary of CITIC Securities ranked first in 2018 is nearly 700,000 yuan, while that of the securities firms ranked second, such as Hualin Securities and Zhongyuan Securities, is just over 200,000 yuan.

A brokerage practitioner introduced to Sino-Singapore Jingwei Client that in the industry, people call CITIC Securities a big platform, all aspects of resources and remuneration are undoubtedly top-notch, while CITIC Construction Investment is 75 Division, the reason is that the previous offer will write that the company will provide you with competitive remuneration, as a whole. The level is above 75% of the market level. In addition, some emerging Internet brokerage companies have developed rapidly and provided more opportunities for young people.

In addition to envying other peoples annual salaries, the year-end bonuses of securities dealers have always been a topic of great interest in the industry. In 2016, securities firms were exposed to 5 million year-end prizes per capita and painted screen circles of friends. However, in recent years, with the market changes, coupled with regulatory requirements for brokerage companies to defer bonuses, many practitioners reflect that year-end bonuses have been greatly reduced.

The lean camel is bigger than the horse. Generally speaking, the treatment of securities dealers is still at the upper and middle level. Moreover, the opening of Kechuang board this year has brought a lot of business increments to securities dealers. It is expected that the income of employees in these two years will rise to a new level. According to the above-mentioned securities business practitioners.

Insurance: Just over 200,000 yuan per capita. Is it promising or not?

A circle of friends without insurance sales is incomplete. The last way out for middle-aged people is to sell insurance. Current jokes reflect the rapid expansion of the insurance industry in recent years. Is the insurance industry a good choice for recent graduates?

According to Wind data, in 2018, the per capita salary of the insurance industry was 239,000 yuan. Compared with banks, securities firms and so on, the average salary attraction of the insurance industry appears to be somewhat inadequate. It is also because of this, some industry insiders Tucao insurance industry prospects, no money scene.

However, from the annual salary of executives, it is another picture. Financial data show that in 2018, as one of the five listed insurance companies with the lowest total high salary of directors, the total high salary of directors of China Life also reached 16.817 million yuan, while the total high salary of directors of the Construction Bank with the highest total salary of directors of the four major banks was only 11.6731 million yuan. From the top three directorssalaries, Ping An of China has a pride of 34.514 million yuan over all listed companies in the financial industry.

Trust: Is there a company that makes a fortune out of millions of people per capita?

Speaking of the trust industry, many people may feel a little strange, but from the salary treatment, the trust industry can be said to be appropriate rich and handsome.

From the perspective of A-share listed companies, the per capita remuneration of Anxin Trust and Shaanxi State Investment Corporation in A22018 is respectively 386,000 yuan and 425,200 yuan.

Trust has been developing very fast in the past few years. After a project with hundreds of millions of dollars is completed, it is easy to get millions of performance bonuses. If the incentives of some wolf trust companies are in place, the annual salary can easily exceed millions. In addition, the number of employees in the trust industry is less than that of banks and securities firms, and the per capita profit is higher, so the per capita salary is relatively higher. Trust practitioners in a western province said.

However, the above practitioners said that since this year, regulators have tightened investment in real estate trust, which has a great impact on trust companies and is expected to affect the remuneration of trust practitioners. The people who have been in the trust industry for the past two years have caught the tail of the golden age. This year, the supervision is more stringent, and the business related to real estate can not be done. Trust companies have to transform, instead of makingmoney lying downas in the past, and practitioners have to practice their internal skills to adapt to the new changes in the industry. According to the aforementioned practitioners.

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