Beijing and other places have issued policies to boost night consumption economy

 Beijing and other places have issued policies to boost night consumption economy

Promulgate more measures to boom the economy at night

Since this year, various localities have taken continuous measures to promote the development of night economy.

In addition to the above cities, according to incomplete statistics from the Journal of Securities, this year, Chengdu, Jinan, Sanya, Changsha, Xiamen, Nanjing, Xian, Nanning and other places have introduced relevant policies and measures to stimulate the new momentum of the night economy.

In addition, on August 27, the General Office of the State Council issued Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Circulation and Promoting Commercial Consumption, proposing to activate night commerce and market. The main business circles and characteristic commercial streets should be encouraged to combine closely with culture, tourism and leisure, extend business hours appropriately, and open special late-night business areas, 24-hour convenience stores and late-night dining halls and other special catering districts.

Liu Zhe, deputy dean of Wanbo New Economic Research Institute, told Securities Daily that night economy is a kind of economic form to meet peoples diversified life needs. It extends the chain of consumption in time, can enrich peoples leisure and entertainment life, tap peoples consumption potential outside of holidays and after work, and broaden the consumption groups in space to meet the needs of different age and occupation groups.

Night consumption demand is booming

During the Mid-Autumn Festival this year, many businessmen in many cities carried out night activities to extend business hours and distribute holiday benefits to consumers. This week, various provinces and municipalities gradually announced the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday tourism consumption, the data show that night consumption in various places has a very obvious pull on the economy.

Securities Daily recently visited some shopping malls, theatres, stadiums, convenience stores and other places in Beijing, and interviewed a number of consumers and staff. It was found that the demand for night travel and consumption is very strong.

In Chaoyang District, a 24-hour convenience store located on the first floor of the shopping mall, reporters observed the entrance of the store at 9:30 p.m. for more than 10 minutes, and found that many people still entered the store. The cashier on duty that evening told reporters: The shopping mall closes at 10 p.m. on weekdays, but the cinemas and KTV entertainment places in the shopping mall close late, so there are a lot of people in our shop even after the early morning.

In the above business circle, the reporter visited several gyms and asked about business hours and passenger concentration time. A gym worker in a neighboring residential area told our reporter: The two peak passenger flows in our shop are before 9 a.m. and after 7 p.m. We are different from the gym near the office building. Residents in the community have time to exercise before and after work, so their business hours are relatively flexible.

On September 15, the final of the mens basketball World Cup was held in the Cadillac Center of Wukesonghuaxi. Fans were enthusiastic to watch the match on the spot. After the end of the match, the crowded audience lined up to take taxis and became the focus of heated discussion among some spectators.

In addition to regular evening events such as sports events and concerts, Night Economy also extends to childrens theatres. The reporter of Securities Daily found that the performance of puppet theatre began at 19:30 p.m. this summer, not only during the daytime, but also at 19:00 p.m. in the Childrens Center Theatre. According to the staff, the audiences who came to watch the evening performance filled the whole theatre. In addition, parent-child projects such as night-sleeping zoo and night-sleeping ocean hall are also widely welcomed.

Many respondents told the reporters of Securities Daily that in addition to eating and drinking, they expect more scenic spots, theatres, museums and other places to prolong business hours.

The reporter of Securities Daily combed the announcements of recent meetings and learned that in order to meet the eleventh golden week, many cities are taking the lead in formulating night consumption strategy guidelines. It is believed that with the continuous attention and enrichment of night economy in various places, night economy and National Day will also collide with different sparks. Many experts interviewed said that during the Mid-Autumn Festival, catering, temple fairs, song fairs, competitions, exhibitions and other cultural and recreational activities will bring new development opportunities to the service industry.

Sustainable Development Needs Innovation and Standardization

It is worth mentioning that in order to improve the convenience and activity of night consumption, local governments continue to innovate and improve night transportation, safety, environment and other supporting facilities.

After autumn, the weather turned cool. In order to promote the sustained, healthy and rapid development of night economy, some northern cities began to explore the four-season operation mode of night market.

For example, Tianjin recently launched the implementation plan of Sustainable High-quality Development of Night Economic Blocks Version 2.0, which encourages night markets to activate resources and transfer outdoor operations to indoors. Actively explore the normal operation mode of night market in four seasons, and continue to create leisure places for citizens in autumn and winter.

In addition to climate factors, go out, come back is also an important factor for citizens to participate in night activities.

According to the Securities Daily reporter, in view of the night traffic problems reflected by consumers, all parts of the country are also gradually improving.

For example, Beijing implements a delayed operation plan. On Fridays and Saturdays, the departure time of the last buses of stations along Metro Line 1 and Line 2 is delayed to 0.30 the next day. Guangzhou issues the Implementation Plan for Promoting Night Economic Development in Guangzhou, which will prolong the night operation time of Metro and bus, increase night parking spaces and taxi waiting points. Night bus routes.

Liu Xiangdong, a researcher in the Economic Research Department of China International Economic Exchange Center, suggested that fire safety, especially in densely populated areas, should be paid attention to in developing night economy. For office workers, we should pay attention to adjusting the relationship between night life and daytime work so as to avoid losing sight of each other; for businessmen, we should reduce costs and increase efficiency, rationally arrange night employment and length of time, while meeting the needs of consumers at night, but not excessively increase the cost burden.

Night economy is a new form of business. While tapping the potential of consumption, we need to do a good job in market research and cost-benefit analysis, taking into account sustainability and preventing blindly following the trend. Liu Zhe reminds me.

Source: Responsible Editor of Securities Daily: Chen Hequn_NB12679