Another record! Maotai in Guizhou rose by more than 1.5percent with a total market value of 1.46 trillion yuan

 Another record! Maotai in Guizhou rose by more than 1.5percent with a total market value of 1.46 trillion yuan

In addition, according to the 21st Century Economic Return, on the evening of September 17, Guizhou Maotai Liquor Sales Co., Ltd. issued a Notice on DistributorsEarly Implementation of the Fourth Quarter Residual Plan and Allocation Indicators.

Notification requirements:

1. Distributors carry out the remaining plans and distribution targets for the fourth quarter ahead of schedule in September.

2. Provinces and districts are responsible for timely notification to each distributor, and guide distributors to make good sales plans, to ensure that there is liquor available in stores every day, and to implement the spirit of the 8.7 conference effectively;

3. The Business Department arranges timely review of dealer orders, and forms a report to the company on the implementation of dealer orders in early October.

4. The logistics center should arrange the delivery work in time to ensure that the delivery is completed in September and report to the company in early October.

Fifth, the channel management department should do a good job in channel management, price collection, market tracking and other related matters, and report abnormal situations to the company in time.

On September 13, the day of Mid-Autumn Festival, Chairman Li Baofang of Maotai Group visited Maotai exclusive store and stressed: Maotai liquor is used for drinking, not for frying, please dont makecattle, dont sell Maotai liquor illegally.

Merchants Securities pointed out that the recent frequent policy of Maotai not only allows dealers to implement the fourth quarter quota ahead of schedule, but also cooperates with head-end e-commerce companies such as Ali Suning. It is expected that the momentum of rapid price increase in Maotai will be controlled, and that in the near future it will be stable and slightly reduced, so as to improve real consumption and third-quarter statements, taking into account the scarce supply and demand pattern. With the development of new consumers by e-commerce and KA, the wholesale price space will remain stable by the end of the year, and the prosperity of high-end liquor will continue.

In addition, Morgan Stanleys latest report says that considering Maotais defensiveness, it is expected that there will still be upward space in the next 6-12 months, raising the target price from 1133 yuan to 1350 yuan.

CITIC Construction Investment recently gave a purchase rating of Maotai, Guizhou Province, with a target price of 1210 yuan.

Liu Chang of Dongxing Securities Research Institute highly recommended Maotai with a target price of 1420 yuan.

Huatai Securities Research Report said that Maotai terminal demand is strong, escorting its year-round performance. The company resolutely implements the policy of price control and stabilization, and precisely puts in the key markets: at present, the market demand for high-end liquor continues to rise. Maotai Liquor in Guizhou Province, through precisely putting in the key markets, makes Maotai Liquor directly face the end-users and meet the consumers festival consumption needs. The target price is 1251.60-1323.12 yuan.

Source: Netease Financial Responsibility Editor: Guo Chenqi_NBJ9931