Lexus Domestic Price Rise and Foreign Price Reduction: Quasi-owners are required to make up the difference

 Lexus Domestic Price Rise and Foreign Price Reduction: Quasi-owners are required to make up the difference

Recently, Lexus officially announced price increases for several models, including ES, NX and other major sales, with the increase of 6,000-15,000 yuan for each model. The news burst into the market. Many prospective car owners who have ordered or deposited for pickup have been asked by dealers to make up the difference on the basis of the original order before picking up the car.

According to a survey by Times Weekly, some distributors headed by Lexus Automobile Co., Ltd. of Zhongjia, Jiangsu Province, have publicly expressed their willingness to bear the official price difference, and have already booked or ordered customers to pick up their cars at the original price.

However, there are still a few distributors who are willing to bear the official price difference before publication, and Lexus officials have not made a statement except for a webcast announcement which has not been acknowledged or denied.

Can I pick up the car at the original price? Watch luck

I ordered the car on May 26 and matched it on September 5. The sales told me that it was only produced in October. It was the first batch of cars with increased price. But because the contract signed by me does not change with the manufacturers guidance price, the price is fixed and the car can be picked up at the contract price. At that time, I added 15,000 yuan to the package. The actual value of the goods I got was 2,300 yuan. The license fee also charged me 3,000 yuan. In fact, 4S stores had already earned money in their pockets. On September 16, Miss Zhou, a prospective Lexus car owner in Jiangsu Province, said in an interview with Time Weekly. On September 18, the day after she made the above remarks, Lexus of Zhongjia, Jiangsu Province, announced that it would voluntarily bear the difference between the official price and the official price.

Industry insiders said that Lexus hot-selling models need to increase the price to pick up the car is the implicit rule of the market, and Miss Zhou referred to the horizontal loading and licensing fee are actually some items of the price increase. Cherry, another prospective owner of Lexus in Guangzhou who ordered a car at the end of July and was expected to pick it up in December, was not as lucky as Miss Zhou in Jiangsu. She said she had received a call from 4S stores earlier to make up the difference, and with the fermentation sales of the event, she relaxed that plans were still being worked out internally and had not yet received new notifications.

As for the dispute caused by the official increase, the sales consultant of a Lexus 4S store in Guangzhou analyzed that the source of the problem was that the Lexus model had basically implemented the order system sales, and the consumers signed the order / order contract before entering into the process of vehicle allocation and production, but the manufacturer did not set a buffer transition period for the price increase. That is to say, the first batch of models with steering price increases in October actually reached a purchase agreement with customers a few months ago at the original price.


From the current point of view, Lexus did not reflect the delicacy, thoroughness and rigour that an international luxury brand automobile company should have in this upsurge. The act of putting dealers and consumers in an embarrassing position is not negligent.

On the issue of how consumers should safeguard their rights, Time Weekly reporters consulted Chen Liang, a member of the Chinese Law Society and a well-known public welfare lawyer in Guangzhou. He said that both the car contract and car contract indicate that the manufacturer has reached an agreement with consumers on the sale of vehicles. After the agreement is signed, any party requests to raise the price, which is a change of the main terms of the contract and requires both parties to negotiate and reach an agreement. If the two parties can not reach an agreement through consultation, neither party has the right to unilaterally adjust the terms of the agreement, otherwise it constitutes a breach of contract to the other party, and the other party has the right to request that it continue to perform in accordance with the original contract.

Chen Liang also said that the affected consumers could lodge administrative complaints with the Market Supervision Bureau and request the government market supervision department to deal with them. Of course, they could also lodge complaints with the Consumer Committee to resolve the consumer dispute.

Since this year, Lexuss performance in the domestic market has been surprising. In the context of the overall downturn of the car market, Lexus has achieved a significant counter-market growth: from January to August, Lexuss cumulative sales reached 126,854 units, an increase of 24.9% year-on-year. As a reference, Cadillac has the highest sales of second-tier luxury brands, with 145697 new cars sold from January to August, an increase of 2.1% over the same period last year.

Although sales are not as good as Cadillac, Lexus is the hottest brand in the car market this year.

At present, the Lexus All-car model is not only very discounted, most models even have to be sold at a higher price. From this point of view, Cadillacs sales, which depend on 10% and 20% discount, are a little short of gold content in front of Lexus.

Since this year, Lexuss strength has not been confined to the domestic market.

In August, Lexus became the champion of luxury car sales for the second month in a row, far ahead of BMW and Mercedes-Benz, with a monthly sales of 29,931 vehicles and a 4.6% year-on-year increase, according to American Automobile News. Even in terms of overall annual sales, Lexus still performed well, with a cumulative sales of 190,691 vehicles from January to August, ranking third in the U.S. luxury car sales list.

However, Lexuss market positioning in the United States is significantly different from that in the domestic market, which mainly takes a cost-effective route. Lexus has a younger image, lower pricing than Mercedes-Benz and BMW dealers, and it is more popular with young people. Susanna, an accountant living in New York, told the Times.

For the official price increase, Lexus gave the reason for upgrading LSS+, ICS and G-Book about active security and multimedia system configuration.

Some insiders pointed out that no matter what the truth of the Lexus official rise, as a car company with word of mouth, service and quality as its core selling point, it should show enough sincerity to face consumers.

Source: Responsible Editor of Times Weekly: Chen Hequn_NB12679