Absurd! Twitter deleted 4301 Hong Kong-related accounts in China

 Absurd! Twitter deleted 4301 Hong Kong-related accounts in China

Twitter Security, the official account of Twitter, issued a statement on September 20, revealing to the public a batch of tens of thousands of accounts that violate Twitters values and platform operating policies, and permanently shutting them down on the grounds of state manipulation behind them, including Chinese accounts alone. As high as 4301.

In the new round of deletion, Twitter closed a total of 10112 accounts, of which 431 were from mainland China and Hong Kong. According to a statement issued by Twitter, Chinas account, which confirmed illegal operations, was permanently shut down on the grounds of inciting discord in the demonstrations in Hong Kong.

The statement also threatened that last month Twitter identified more than 200,000 false accounts from China, involving disrupting Hong Kongs political order. According to a previous report on Observer. com, on August 19, Twitter shut down 936 Twitter accounts established in the Mainland, calling them official backgrounds and disseminating and amplifying various Hong Kong-related information through coordinated and unified action, which is undermining the legitimacy of the demonstrations in Hong Kong.

Today, Twitter has released and closed more than 4,000 accounts for the same reason, even in an attempt to improve public awareness and understanding and make an example of it.

In addition to the accounts of mainland China and Hong Kong, the Twitter deletion also affected Spain, Saudi Arabia, Ecuador, the United Arab Emirates and other regions, on the grounds that they were found to have government background.

But is Twitters deletion really as fair and transparent as it says?

Shen Yi, associate professor of international politics at Fudan University, told Observer. com that although Twitter and Facebook are privately owned, the willingness of American elites to bind such a platform to the national interests of the United States is very clear; such a platform must become a tool for serving the national interests of the United States. From a concrete point of view, as the advantages once enjoyed by the United States are gradually disappearing, elegant jurisdiction is increasingly replaced by vulgar repression.

Observer. com reported earlier that on August 15 and 17, Mainland Dinner Girl and Emperor Bar Netizens launched Internet Expedition successively, expressing to the world the voice of Chinese netizens to safeguard national unity and support the Hong Kong polices position of governing disorder according to law in the battlefield without smoke.

On Aug. 19, Twitter accidentally stepped in and shut down nearly a thousand mainland accounts that exposed the thugs on the grounds of official dissemination of false news. However, after looking at the examples given in the Twitter statement, the Observer Network found that all the so-called information that undermined the legitimacy of the riots in Hong Kong was about denouncing violent mob acts and supporting the Hong Kong police.

Netcom responded on September 18 that Facebook, Twitter and other companies actually have more tricks in content auditing. Some time ago, Facebook and Twitter blocked a number of Chinese accounts that issued objective and rational voices under the pretext of spreading false news. At the same time, however, a large number of rumors and information that distort facts and attack and discredit China are prevalent. This fully demonstrates that Facebook, Twitter and other companies are actually very accurate in content auditing, if you want to learn classics, it may be more appropriate to find them.