Wechats new function of measuring public numbers in order to break through the difficult situation

 Wechats new function of measuring public numbers in order to break through the difficult situation

On September 20, Wechat formally tested the Discovery Public Number function.

The so-called discovery of public numbers is a new attempt of Wechats content distribution logic. The internal test interface shows that when the Discovery Public Number is online, users will see the head portraits, profiles, recent tweet links, the number of original content and the number of friendsattention in the information flow. Clicking on the Public Number Portrait will jump to the Public Number Profile page, while clicking on the recently updated article title will directly enter the article.

Interventing content distribution with algorithms is a very rare operation for Wechat. After all, Zhang Xiaolong said in the open course of Wechat at the beginning of 2018, So far, a new user is in Wechat, and the system will not recommend him to subscribe to a public number, nor will he in the future.

Always adhering to the principle of respecting users and letting users choose their own content, Wechat has begun to imitate the general practice of headline products: with the help of algorithms, let information find people.

At this time, it is not surprising that the node will launch this function. Quick-hand blasts are frequent, but its getting harder and harder for Wechats public numbers to go up. In addition, the decline in the number of public numbers has not been news for a long time. According to the new list, 97% of the public documents read less than 10,000 in the first half of 2019, while Quest Mobiles Wechat Public Number Insight Report said that as of April 2019, more than 70% of micro-credit users had less than 20 public numbered concerns.

On the other hand, Matthew effect is significant, and the threshold for small and beautiful content producers to enter is getting higher and higher. According to 36 krypton reports, in 2017, public numbers with regular prices of more than 100,000 took 40% of the advertising budget, and in the last year or so, the proportion rose to 58%.

After June 20, 2018, the situation of the Small American Public was even more difficult. On this day, Weichat subscription number was changed to information flow interface. Fang Kecheng, the founder of the News Lab, believes that this revision harms individual creators, weakens the relationship between authors and readers, and is not conducive to the creation of individual brands. In addition, compared with new media organizations, individual creators with lower sending frequencies occupy a less prominent position in the information flow.

With the rise of new content platforms such as tremolo, high-quality content creators are moving to new platforms with higher dividends, and the 7-year-old Wechat Public Platform has to do something.

36 krypton learns from the inside of Wechat that Discovery Public Number serves the small and beautiful creators, making the public numbers with high originality and good content quality, which have certain influence in the vertical field easier to be found by users. This may remedy the damage of information flow to individual creators.

But can Discovery Public really be a good news for small and beautiful creators?

Practitioners do not have high expectations. Good Professor is a public name focusing on the vertical field of education. The founder sent a teacher to graduate from the Chinese Department of Peking University. At present, there are 30,000 fans of the public number. The average reading of articles ranges from tens to tens of thousands. There has also been a 10W + explosion Hengshui High School Retrograde Record: The Myth of Super High School Misinterpreted for 30 years. This article brings 5,000 new followers, accounting for 1.5% of the total number of readers.

For this Discovery of the Public new function, send a teacher to say frankly dont have fantasies. According to him, the average subscription window opening rate of good scholar is between 10% and 13%, which is much higher than the industry average of 3% - 5%. However, he also observed that more and more parents from educational projects read more and more, and the document increasingly shows the trend of privatization.

Although the new features being tested may push his public account to more fans, from the users point of view, he also admits that his willingness to focus on new accounts is not high. To tell you the truth, I only paid attention to two numbers this year, the only one that will open.

Wang Zepeng, editor-in-chief of No Painting Publishing House, also doubts the effect. Im afraid its still the title, the header, that decides what the reader will click on. I dont feel particularly good about this effect myself. He said in an interview with the new list.

In addition, some people questioned the specific algorithm push mechanism. According to the new list, the three tables of new media speculate that Discovery of the Public may not be artificially tilted. There are other creators of the Small and Beautiful public name who have expressed to Krypton that it is difficult to say what impact this function will bring when the specific mechanism is not yet clear.

36 krypton understands that for the push mechanism, the current Weixin official gives the following information:

1. The frequency of usersseeing public number discovery is not fixed. As long as the content of public number meets the standard, it will have the opportunity to appear in front of the appropriate users. During the internal testing period, users may have several chances to see the Discovery Public Number within a week.

2. Public numbers with high originality and good content quality, which have certain influence in the vertical field, are more likely to appear in the Discovery Public Number, including graphic, video and other creative forms.

3. The algorithm of matching mechanism considers the factors such as users reading habits and friendsreading. Different users will find different public numbers.

4. During the internal test period, the public number operator can not see the discovery directly in the background for the time being.

It is understood that the iOS version is currently undergoing internal testing for some users, and the Android version will be opened in the future.

In explaining the attributes of Weixin, de-centralization is a concept often mentioned by Zhang Xiaolong. He has said that letting valuable things emerge and be found by users themselves, rather than letting Wechat control userschoices, is a sign of respect for users.

According to the current information, Discovery Public Number will use the algorithm to interfere with the users information flow, but the concept of de-centralization has not changed substantially.

Source of this article: 36 krypton responsible editor: Wang Fengzhi_NT2541