Some crabs with the same appearance sell for 68 yuan and others sell for 25 yuan! Why?

 Some crabs with the same appearance sell for 68 yuan and others sell for 25 yuan! Why?

Blue crab and female crab are the same species of crab. Blue flower crab is a male crab with thin shell and sweet meat.

Mother crab has ointment and tastes fresh.

White crab is the well-known swimming crab. This seasons swimming crab has not reached the most fertile time.

Seafood dealer Bao Xiuhui:

The highest price in a year is also before the Mid-Autumn Festival and the Spring Festival, which is out of stock in winter. In winter, only Portuguese crabs can be purchased for 120 yuan and 150 yuan per kilogram.

The wholesale price of blue crab is 70 yuan per kilogram; female crab is 50 yuan per kilogram; white crab is relatively cheap, 30 yuan per kilogram.

Bao Xiuhui said that such prices were not only affected by typhoons, but also caused by the decline in crab production after the opening of the sea this year.

Seafood dealer Bao Xiuhui:

This year, the overall output is less, so far. Usually our price is the lowest in Kaihai, about 40 yuan per kilogram is normal. Last year, there were still 25 yuan per kilogram, but this year they are 60 yuan and 70 yuan per kilogram.

Bao Xiuhui also reminds consumers that there are some crabs on the market that look similar, but the price is very low. In fact, their quality may vary greatly.

Seafood dealer Bao Xiuhui:

Some are selling 68 yuan for one kilogram, others are selling 25 yuan for one kilogram. They all look the same. How can we tell?

You have to pinch it with your hand. Without meat, it will sink in and be empty. On the contrary, it is hard and full, so it seems the same thing, two prices.

Source: CCTV Financial Responsibility Editor: Yang Bin_NF4368