As you know, A-share valuation is at an all-time low. Pork imports increased 76percent in August compared with the same period last year.

 As you know, A-share valuation is at an all-time low. Pork imports increased 76percent in August compared with the same period last year.

Li Keqiang held talks with Iraqi Prime Minister Abdul Mehdi

On the evening of September 23, Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council held talks with Iraqi Prime Minister Abdul Mehdi, who was on an official visit to China in the Great Hall of the People. Li Keqiang pointed out that China is willing to actively participate in the reconstruction of Iraq, maintain a long-term stable energy partnership between the two sides, expand cooperation in production capacity, manufacturing, agriculture and other fields, and help the diversified development of Iraqs economy and achieve win-win results. China is ready to link the one belt and one road initiative with the reconstruction plan of the Iran side, and support Chinese enterprises to actively participate in the construction of the Iranian infrastructure.

Li Keqiang: We should accelerate the development of new momentum to ensure that the economy operates within a reasonable range.

Will Iran hold joint military exercises with China and Russia in the Indian Ocean? Response of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Irans semi-official media, Tasnim News Agency, reported Tuesday that Iran will hold joint naval exercises with China and Russia in the Gulf of Oman and the northern Indian Ocean, which belong to international waters, soon. It is reported that this will be the first joint military exercise between China, Iraq and Russia in the Indian Ocean. At a press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs held on the afternoon of 23, foreign media reporters asked whether China would participate in the military exercise. What I can tell you is that the Chinese army maintains normal exchanges and cooperation with the armies of other countries. Geng Shuang, a spokesman, responded, I suggest you ask the military for specific information.

The General Office of the State Council issues Opinions on Deepening the Reform of Rural Highway Management and Maintenance System

Xinhua Review: Constantly Build a Strong Manufacturing Power

Xinhua commentary pointed out that manufacturing is the foundation of a powerful country. The closing of the 2019 World Manufacturing Congress on the 23rd once again sent a signal that unswervingly building a strong manufacturing country and realizing transformation and upgrading by innovation-driven are the realistic needs of further deepening the structural reform of supply side, and also an important grasp to promote high-quality development. The key core technology is whether to come or not, whether to buy or not, and whether to get it. We must rely on independent innovation. To build a strong manufacturing country, we must take scientific and technological innovation as the key point to cope with the complex international situation and solve the practical problems at home. We should make joint efforts from the aspects of innovation policy environment, R&D institution construction and talent training, and strive to master the key core technology in our hands. We should focus on the industrial chain, lay out the innovation chain, establish and improve the research and development institutions of generic technology, further strengthen the functional orientation of the National Engineering Technology Research Center and the Manufacturing Innovation Center, make it an important supplier of key generic technology in the industrial base, and promote the industrial chain to move from the middle and low end to the middle and high end.

Xinhua News Agency: Chinas capital market has a profound impact on the successive index entry

In September, Chinas capital market has been booming, Xinhua reported. JPMorgan Chase said at the beginning of the month that it would incorporate Chinas national debt into its flagship index of widespread concern; Chinas State Administration of Foreign Exchange announced on the 10th that it would lift the investment quota limits for QFII and RQFII; and on the 23rd, the S&P Dow Jones Index would be included in A shares and FTSE Russell A shares. The expansion decision came into effect. Analysts generally believe that these developments are milestones in the expansion and opening of Chinas capital market. International investment institutions continue to incorporate Chinas capital market into their index, opening up new investment doors for overseas investors. The opening up of Chinas capital market will also contribute to the improvement and healthy development of its own structure, with far-reaching impact.

CCTV International Sharp Review: A-share valuation is at a historic low and investment in A-share has become more and more international capital consensus

International commentators pointed out that all three major international index companies have offered olive branches to Chinas A-share market, which fully proves that the attraction of Chinas capital market and Chinas economy is growing, and investment in A-share has become a consensus of more and more international capital. At present, Chinas A-share valuation is at a historic low. The price-earnings ratio of the Shanghai Composite Index is about 13 times, which is lower than the major global stock indexes such as Dow Jones in the United States. This is a huge attraction for international investors.

Shanghai Stock Exchange: Strive to create a standardized, transparent, open, dynamic and resilient exchange market

The 9th Shanghai Stock Exchange Membership Conference was held recently. The meeting calls for the full implementation of the key tasks of deepening capital market reform, taking the establishment of scientific innovation board and pilot registration system as a breakthrough point, promoting market construction, first-line supervision and risk prevention and control as a whole, and striving to create standardized, transparent, open, dynamic and resilient exchanges. The exchange market.

The average pork price in the national agricultural wholesale market was 36.45 yuan/kg, up 0.9% from last Friday.

According to the monitoring by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Areas, the wholesale price 200 index of agricultural products on September 23 was 112.64, up 0.10 points from last Friday, and the vegetable basket product wholesale price 200 index was 114.36, up 0.11 points from last Friday. At 14:00 today, the average pork price in the national agricultural wholesale market was 36.45 yuan/kg, up 0.9% from last Friday.

The two ministries asked the local government to speed up the reporting of special debt projects

On September 20, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) took the lead in convening a meeting to request all localities to sort out and report special bond projects as soon as possible. According to a person from the local finance department participating in the meeting, provinces are required to independently determine and sort out special bond projects and report to the government, the sooner the better. At present, projects are being submitted one after another. After being examined and approved by the National Development and Reform Commission, they can enter the stage of debt issuance preparation. The specific issuance progress depends on the maturity of the project.

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: Strive to exceed 5 trillion yuan in the overall scale of the elderly goods industry in 2025

Ministry of Civil Affairs: Further Expanding the Supply of Old-age Services and Promoting the Consumption of Old-age Services

With the consent of the State Council, the Ministry of Civil Affairs issued the Opinions on Further Expanding the Supply of Old-age Services and Promoting the Consumption of Old-age Services, proposing to optimize the effective supply of Old-age Services in an all-round way, to prosper the market of old-age supplies and to foster a new form of consumption of Old- Implementing demonstration projects of science and technology for the aged, supporting the deep integration of new technologies such as emerging materials, artificial intelligence and virtual reality in the field of pension services, supporting the research and development of exoskeleton robots, care and rehabilitation robots, virtual reality rehabilitation training equipment and other products, and forming a number of high-intelligence, high-tech, high-quality. Rehabilitation aids for the elderly. Encourage and support enterprises to develop and produce wearable, portable monitoring, home care and other intelligent endowment equipment, as well as daily necessities, food, health care products, clothing and other products suitable for the elderly.

Ministry of Water Resources: Grasp Niubi to Improve the Regulation and Control System of Water and Sediment in the Yellow River

The Ministry of Water Resources recently held a conference on ecological protection and high-quality development of the Yellow River Basin. It proposed to grasp the relationship between water and sediment to regulate the Niubi, further improve the water and sediment regulation system, continue to implement comprehensive management of the lower reaches, control wandering river regime, alleviate the situation of secondary suspended river, and ensure the long-term stability of the Yellow River.

Health Commission: Accelerate the registration and approval of new anticancer drugs at home and abroad, and promote the synchronous listing of new drugs abroad

Health Commission: Accelerate the approval process of domestic HPV vaccine and improve the accessibility of HPV vaccine

The Health and Health Commission and other departments jointly issued the Cancer Prevention and Control Implementation Plan (2019-2022), which proposed to speed up the process of approval of domestic HPV vaccine and improve the accessibility of HPV vaccine. Through price negotiation and centralized purchasing, HPV vaccine suppliers should be promoted to set reasonable prices and explore various channels to ensure the vaccination of the age-appropriate population in poor areas. By 2022, the overall 5-year survival rate of cancer will be 3 percentage points higher than that in 2015.

Shandong Provincial Industry and Information Technology Office issued Opinions on Further Promoting the Implementation ofSmall Regulations, Stock Reform, Stock Listingof Industrial Enterprises in Shandong Province. The document points out that by 2021, 10,000 small and micro-industrial enterprises will be upgraded to over-scale industrial enterprises, and more than 60% of the industrial enterprises in the province will complete the standardized corporate restructuring, striving to add about 60 new listed industrial enterprises in the province by 2021. Suggestions are put forward that the cultivation Bank of listed enterprises should be established, and a batch of high-growth enterprises such as specialty and novelty, invisible champion, gazelle and unicorn should be selected to be included in the cultivation bank and the key cultivation should be carried out. Enterprises listed on Shanghai and Shenzhen main board, small and medium-sized board, GEM and Kechuang Board shall be given a maximum one-time subsidy of 2 million yuan in a certain proportion; enterprises shall be supported to restructure, and enterprises shall be given a maximum one-time subsidy of 1 million yuan if they are listed on the Shanghai and Shenzhen main board and their registered and taxable places are relocated to Shandong Province.

Market summary

Two Citys Late Stock Decline Narrows Technology Blue Chip Stocks Drive Popularity

Affected by the decline of peripheral markets, Shanghai and Shenzhen markets opened lower in the morning, followed by the three major indices all-day oscillation lower, on the disk only driverless, block chains and other hot spots were slightly active. In the afternoon, China-made chips and 5G-led blue-chip technology sector rallied against the market, activating market sentiment, the decline of the stock index narrowed, but the overall stock fell, trading volume remained depressed. From the perspective of plate index, unmanned driving, domestic chips and other sectors rose against the market, while agricultural, environmental protection and pork sectors fell the most. By the end of the day, the Shanghai index had fallen 0.98% to 2977 points, the Shenzhen index had fallen 1.01% to 9781 points, and the GEM index had fallen 1.22% to 1684 points. Shanghai Stock Exchange has a net outflow of 1.8 billion yuan and Shenzhen Stock Exchange has a net inflow of 1.01 billion yuan.

Hong Kongs Hang Seng Index closed down 0.81%, with mobile phone stocks leading the way.

Accor Holdings fell by more than 48% and its market value evaporated by nearly HK$12 billion. Five Dragons shares fell together, and five Dragons power fell nearly 32%. Chairman Cao Zhong was filed for bankruptcy by Li Ka-shing (Canada) Foundation.

In September, the initial value of PMI for manufacturing industry in the United States was 51, expected to be 50.3, with a pre-value of 50.3. The initial value of PMI in September was 50.9, with a forecast of 51.4 and a preceding value of 50.7.

Three major U.S. stock indexes rose and fell, and the Dow index rose slightly

Market dynamics

Regulators continue to crack down on violations in the ABS sector. Great Wall Securities has received regulatory warnings

China Foundation Association: By the end of August, the size of private equity fund management fund was 13.38 trillion yuan, down 0.31% compared with the previous year.

According to the data of China Foundation Association, by the end of August, there were 24 368 registered private equity fund managers in China Foundation Association, an increase of 36 over the previous months stock institutions, an increase of 0.15% annually; 79 218 private equity funds on record, an increase of 484 over the previous months stock funds, an increase of 0.61% annually; and 13.38 trillion yuan in the scale of management funds, a decrease of 41.173 billion yuan over the previous month. Yuan, the ring-to-ring ratio dropped by 0.31%. The total number of private fund managers was 237.9 million, 132 fewer than last month, down 0.06%.

China Foundation Association: By the end of July, the total assets of public funds amounted to 13.72 trillion yuan.

As of the end of July, there were 126 fund management companies in China, including 44 Sino-foreign joint ventures and 82 domestic-funded companies; 13 securities companies or asset management subsidiaries of securities companies that have qualified for public fund management; and 2 insurance asset management companies. The assets of public funds managed by the above institutions totaled 13.72 trillion yuan.

Private placement of 10 billion-grade stocks hit a new high in the year

Private placement network releases the latest stock position monitoring report. According to the report, as of September 12, the latest average position level of private equity firms monitored by the agency was 67.48%, a new high in the year. At the same time, the position level of 10 billion-class stock strategy private equity has also soared to the highest level of 83.15% in a year, and is 15.67 percentage points ahead of the average position of all size private equity institutions.

Industry news

Customs data show that China imported 162,900 tons of pork in August, an increase of 76% compared with the same period last year; from January to August, pork imports totaled 1,639,000 tons, an increase of 40.4% compared with the same period last year.

According to the joint forecast of China Automobile Circulation Association Automobile Market Research Branch and Wilson, the overall passenger car market wholesale volume in October 2019 is expected to be 20 million vehicles, shrinking by 1.1% compared with October 2018. Among them, 983,000 cars in the car market shrank by 2.1%, 109,000 in the MPV market by 24.1% and 908,000 in the SUV market by 3.9%.

Standard Release of the First Domestic Online Accommodation Platform Service Group

On the 23rd, the first group standard in the field of online accommodation in China, Service Specification for Online Accommodation Platform was released in Beijing. Based on the principle of maximizing the protection of consumersrights and interests, the Code puts forward specific requirements for online accommodation platforms and operators behavior. It covers the whole process of online accommodation services, including basic behavior standards, information provision and auditing, product information display, reservation services, operatorsonline service management. Management of management, evaluation, protection of usersrights and interests, emergency mechanism, information security and privacy protection, etc. The object of application of the Code includes hotels, hotels, inns, residential accommodation and other accommodation facilities which carry out online business activities.

The 2009 Qingdao Hydrogen Industry Summit Forum was held in Qingdao International Conference Center. At the forum, the Qingdao Municipal Government issued Several Policies and Measures to Accelerate the Development of New Energy Automobile Industry in Qingdao, and put forward 12 favorable policies to effectively promote the development of new energy automobile industry in Qingdao, to construct a perfect industrial chain and a technologically advanced new energy automobile industry system. Three-dimensional coverage is carried out from six vertical dimensions of vehicle, spare parts, scientific and technological innovation, industrial cluster, promotion and application, industrial ecology and two horizontal dimensions of introduction and cultivation.

Announcement summary

Oriental Fashion: Winning the Bid, Beijing Public Security Bureau Traffic Administration Vehicle Administration Purchased Examination Room Service Project

Dongmao Science and Technology: 3% share repurchase

Double-ring transmission: to buy back shares from 100 million yuan to 200 million yuan

Business Treasure: Controlling Shareholders Cumulative Reduction of 1.98% of the Companys Shares

Wanlin Logistics: Shareholders intend to reduce their shareholdings by no more than 1%.

Huali Shares: Shareholders intend to reduce their holdings to no more than 0.99%.

Wanli Shi: The chairman intends to reduce his shareholding by no more than 2%.

Bangjie Shares: Shareholders intend to reduce their holdings by no more than 3%.

Dr. Peng: Shareholders intend to reduce their shareholdings by no more than 2%.

Ningbo Construction Company: Subsidiary Company signed 1.72 billion yuan construction contract

Weihai Guangtai: Signed 516 million yuan military contracts accounted for 24% of last years revenue.

Quanzhou Shares: Subsidiaries intend to sign a contract of 580 million yuan

Gauss Bell: Subsidiary company selected 45.89 million yuan and purchasing project of intelligent doorbell production

China Pacific: Board of Directors agrees to issue GDR and apply for listing on the Stock Exchange

Kechuang board Jingfeng Mingyuan: Issuance price is fixed at 56.68 yuan/share

All-round Education: The Acquisition of 96% of Bajiulings Equity is not as good as expected

ST Xiamen: 13.84% of Jiaxing Rongrens shares will be auctioned by the judiciary

Longboli: Termination of Convertible Bonds Issue

Guodian Electric Power: Subsidiary Company Ningxia Solar Energy Applies for Bankruptcy Liquidation

Tiannai Technologies: Listed on the Stock Exchanges Creative Board on September 25

China Pacific: Director and President He Qing resigned due to job change

Guangfeng Science and Technology: Receiving Notice of Acceptance of Invalidation Request

Huachang Chemical Industry: Net profit in the first three quarters is expected to increase by 105% to 113% year-on-year.

Zhangjiagang Bank: Successful issuance of 500 million yuan of secondary capital bonds

Sanfeng Intelligence: Cooperation with Huajing Telecom in Semiconductor and Panel Electronic Automation Equipment

Galaxy China: The Central Bank agrees to issue financial bonds of no more than 6 billion yuan

Beijing New Pharmaceutical Industry: About 4 billion yuan will be invested in the production base of the whole pharmaceutical health industry chain

Camet Gas: The Controlling Shareholder Terminates the Agreement to Transfer Some Shares

ST Yihua: No less than 136 million yuan to transfer 60% of Xinyi Mining

Guangri Shares: Some factories of holding subsidiaries are included in the scope of land expropriation and demolition

Zhongjin Lingnan: No more than 1.9 billion yuan is planned to be invested in the green upgrading and transformation project of zinc slag in Danxia Smelter

Amway Shares: Products won the Gold Prize for Innovative Products at the 2019 World Manufacturing Conference

Confidence Electric: 14.398 billion yuan to control British Trust and British Securities

Binjiang Group: Subsidiaries Compete for Land Use Rights for 1.54 billion RMB

ST Zhongnan: The application for bankruptcy reorganization of controlling shareholders was accepted by the court

Baosteel Stock: Baosteel Finance Company intends to absorb and merge WISCO Finance Company

Guotai Junan: Chairman Yang Dehong resigns

Gold Securities Shares: Ten percent of Xingye Gold will be sold to terminate takeover of Daqian International Equity