Unexpected pregnancies due to delayed delivery of female online condoms? Police rumor

 Unexpected pregnancies due to delayed delivery of female online condoms? Police rumor

Recently, many media reported that a woman in Xuzhou purchased condoms through the Internet, which resulted in her unwanted pregnancy due to delays in delivery of takeaway brothers. Later, the woman sued the delivery brother for more than 30000 yuan.

After verification with relevant departments, no similar litigation cases have been found recently. It was also found that Baidu Baijia @ Urban Story Club (already sold) launched on September 19. After being processed by many media, such as @voice of West Lake @ Jinan Times @ New Evening News, the information was widely disseminated on the Internet. The so-called pictures of courier boys and women interviewed in the posts all came from the Internet.

In July 2016, the National Network Information Office issued the Notice on Further Strengthening Management to Stop False News, which clearly requires websites to always adhere to the correct guidance of public opinion, ensure that news reports are true, comprehensive, objective and fair, strictly prohibit blindly pursuing timeliness, and direct content on network platforms such as social tools without verification. Published as a news report

I hope that the mass media and self-Media can increase the intensity of content auditing, not in order to pursue traffic, inverting black and white, rumors and confusion, otherwise it will be stoned! At the same time, I hope that the vast number of netizens can improve their discrimination ability, not only not be confused by online rumors, but also actively report to relevant functional departments after finding some problems in online media.

Women said they were suspected of malicious blackmail by fungal convenience stores after buying condoms

On September 5, the Xian Lianhu District Market Regulatory Bureau responded to the fake condom incident: the convenience stores concerned did not obtain the second type medical device business record certificate, and the condoms with the batch number HK077M98A were not found in their warehouses. Convenience stores said they suspected that Ms. Zhous malicious extortion had been reported. Faced with doubts, the client Ms. Zhou was angry: Let them report the case!