Big embarrassing scene! Buffons girlfriend Qi Huan asks Mushuai a muddled face and leaves early.

 Big embarrassing scene! Buffons girlfriend Qi Huan asks Mushuai a muddled face and leaves early.

Mourinho was confused by this question, but Bird answered skillfully: It must be a coach who is unemployed and has no job at home. I dont think FIFA allows coaches to coach two teams at the same time. Then Mourinho looked around the coaches and said, I, Mr. Capello, Zenga and some other coaches, but I am one of the candidates.

The next scene was a little awkward, Mourinho answered and turned away. Damiko tried to keep him: You have to stay with me now. Why are you in such a hurry? Mourinho ignored her words and left the award ceremony directly.

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Mourinhos early departure from the host failed to retain (Source: Netease Video)

Mourinho hasnt coached a new team since he left Manchester United in December last year and has been able to guest-talk on television. However, there have been rumours recently that Real Madrid are considering changing coaches because of the bad start to the season, and there have been rumours of a relationship with Mourinho. Many Real Madrid fans also support Mourinhos return to coaching.

Real Madrid captain Ramos, who participated in the awards ceremony, had a different idea. He said before that, The connection with his name does not bother me. Its football. If you lose a game, you have to change something. Reports about Real Madrid were full of front pages and triggered further speculation. But in my opinion, talking about another coach now is disrespectful of the existing coaches, and we have shown that we are still standing with Zidane. Now we have to be calm, just at the beginning of the season, and now we suspect that Real Madrid is crazy. We need to be calm and confident about the team and the coach.

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