Funny scene! When Alison won the best goalkeeper award, nobody was there.

 Funny scene! When Alison won the best goalkeeper award, nobody was there.

Gullit was very unexpected. He said, Hello, where has Alison gone? Where are you, Alison? I saw him just now. Where are you? Are you invisible? Where on earth did Alison go? Even Liverpool manager Klop did not know. He looked around doubtfully, but could not find Alison. Capello, who was sitting next to Croppe, was also confused. He probably had not experienced such a situation.

After a while, Alison finally appeared at the scene. Gullit joked with the hostess: It seems that we have to announce the results in Brazilian. Or he didnt want to win the prize himself.

On the podium, Alison apologized, but he said, Im sorry, its not my fault. So, what on earth did Alison do? Nobody knows. Was it going to the toilet?

In addition to being elected the best goalkeeper, Alison was also selected as the best team of the year, and his teammate Van Dyke also won the honor. Last season, Alison played very well and dedicated himself to helping Liverpool win the Champions League. At present, he is recovering. In the first round of the Premier League this season, Alison unfortunately strained his leg muscles.

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