Big Scale Chat Audio Exposed Zhang Tian Response: When Unknowingly Recorded

 Big Scale Chat Audio Exposed Zhang Tian Response: When Unknowingly Recorded

Netease Entertainment reported on September 24 that Zhang Tianfawen responded to a suspected audio chat between Zhang Tianfa and Chen Yichen, saying that the audio was a conversation between the two before they went to Chengdu and was recorded without knowing it.

It is reported that 23, some netizens exposed suspected Zhang Tian and Chen Yichen chat voice recordings, recording, the woman in the boys continue to ask, talking about their past love experience and a larger scale, triggering heated discussion.

The recording is as follows:

Whats in parentheses is what the man asked.

At the beginning of the phone, Zhang Tian was sobbing.

How many do you have? Think about me being ten months older than you. If you are 10 months older than me, maybe you have one more.

How many do you have? Six ah (how many gun friends?) Calculate, one, two - six (how many gunmen are there?) There are four. How many boyfriends are there? Its not a gun friend. (How many boyfriends are there?) What? How many boyfriends are there? There are two boyfriends. There are four gun friends. Which one has venereal diseases? I think its F (you told me before, not F, you said venereal disease is another, the boy) I said maybe its the person (you slept, how many you slept, how many Chinese boys did you sleep? How many foreigners? Two or two Chinese boys (the rest are all white, arent they?) Uh huh. Which is the one with venereal disease? Are they Chinese or foreigners? I think its frederick. I think its Chinese, because when I did it with the two, the white people had a condom. (Frederick or Chinese?) What? (Frederick or Chinese?)

Because Frederick is too old for 2017, so I dont think its him.

(Yes, so did your Chinese show before or in February? Or March? No, no, no, No. Chinese boys are in the summer of 2018.

(Well, in 2019, before the show, a few days ago, a few days before the show)

How is that possible?

(The first two weeks)

I slept in the United States and never slept in China.

(Alas - you told me)

(You only slept in the United States this year?)

Ill be back before I return this year.

(Come back... What month did you come back?

You dont return...


(You came back in March, April, right?)


(No, its April and March for the program. You just slept with someone else, and then you dont have any feelings with him.)

Not March, January or February.

Just, I didnt like him that much, at that time...

Why did you sleep with that boy when you didnt like him so much? What? I dont like it. Why do you go to bed? Why do you want to make an appointment with someone else?

(Before you, you slept with this man, the first two times. Did your brother sleep twice or several times? You tell me the last four times as if) About four times (three or four times! Ah... Just you guys? The span is quite large. The span lasted for two years, didnt it? Can it continue in two years? Just keep the appointment? Because there is no emotion, so you can make an appointment (because there is no emotion, so you can continue to make an appointment?) Baby, dont be here, you dont be here to drill horns. (Why?)

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Hu Mengyao_NK5655