What are the rehearsals before the parade? Originally, there are also these exquisite and elegant ways.

 What are the rehearsals before the parade? Originally, there are also these exquisite and elegant ways.

[Global Times reports special correspondent Wei Qiliu Yupeng, Liu Yang] Last Sunday, Chinas social network was dominated by the sky in Beijing, which also made people feel the atmosphere of National Day ahead of time. In fact, dress rehearsals before the parade are the common practice of all countries. So, what are the rehearsals for foreign military parades? Russia and France are two countries that parade frequently. From the past preparations for military parades in these two countries, we can also see some exquisite and doorway of military parade rehearsal.

A big parade cant be without a big rehearsal

On May 9 this year, 13,000 people, 35 foot squadrons and more than 130 military equipment participated in the Victory Day parade held in Red Square, Russia, and 74 planes and helicopters were planned to participate (later cancelled due to bad weather on that day). During the National Day parade in France on July 14 this year, 69 fixed-wing aircraft and 39 helicopters were formed in the air formations. The Ground Reception Force includes about 4300 members of the Armed Forces, 196 ground vehicles and 237 horses. Not only the French Army, but also the forces and equipment of nine other countries participating in the European Intervention Force.

It is a test for organizers to let so many people and equipment go smoothly once, not to mention the requirement to pass the scheduled parade route smoothly and smoothly in the same second as required. The French military parade has witnessed an Oolong incident in which motorcycles collided in front of the auditorium and aircraft pulled the wrong smoke. Tank anchorage accidents also occurred in Russian military parade rehearsals. Therefore, before large-scale military parade, rehearsals should be carried out many times. It is necessary to test the effect, expose and solve problems, improve the program, master skills and exercise psychological quality through rehearsal.

Air formation rehearsal

The air echelons have attracted more attention because of their high flying speed, and strive to attract audiences by their powerful formations.

During the French National Day parade, nine fighter planes of the French Patrol performance team will emit blue, white and red smoke representing the French flag (pictured above). The Oolong mentioned above is an airplane that should have emitted blue smoke, but because of the pilots misoperation, it emitted red. This is not to say that the training level of French pilots is not high, but in such a major military parade occasion, if the referees do not fully feel the atmosphere on the spot and make a full run-in, they are prone to tension, leading to mistakes and omissions. During this years parade on French National Day, many aircraft formations were named after military operations. Reference aircraft were also the representative aircraft participating in the operation. In significant years, the air echelons of Russian military parades will form digital patterns to mark commemoration and celebration.

Air echelons in military parades are often dense formations of different aircraft types or even different aircraft types. They have very precise requirements for arrival time, which is equivalent to a precise air exercise. Unlike ground rehearsals, which sometimes take place at night to reduce the impact on local people, air echelon parade rehearsals are generally conducted during the day, because it is difficult to maintain a dense formation at night, high risk and difficult to show good results. Russian Victory Day parade usually carries out two aerial rehearsals, mainly flying over the Red Square.

The parade rehearsal is an all-round test

A military parade in Russia usually starts several months ago with three rehearsals. In order to avoid affecting urban traffic, the first two rehearsals of ground teams usually take place at night, mainly on foot and military technical equipment convoys. During the rehearsal, all the consulting soldiersequipment was dispatched. Before each rehearsal, experts should carefully examine the condition of urban roads, intersections and bridges. The total rehearsal is usually conducted in the daytime according to the formal parade mode, even at the beginning of the same time, all personnel, military technical equipment and air echelons participate. Through the rehearsal, the personnel and equipment participating in the parade can achieve high accuracy and step-by-step.

The rehearsal is not only a test of the personnel and equipment of the audience, but also a major test of participating in the live media of the parade. Because the parade is to a large extent to show the national people and the international community the powerful image of the national army. This requires the media to choose the best angle to show many highlights of the parade to the outside world.

Some media previews will be equipped with professional camera equipment to show the style of parade formations and squadrons from a unique perspective, and some pictures will be used as backup of the formal parade.

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