After seven consecutive victories, Lang Ping laughed: There were several wonderful balls to enjoy.

 After seven consecutive victories, Lang Ping laughed: There were several wonderful balls to enjoy.

After winning seven consecutive victories, the Chinese womens volleyball team has been in the leading position in the World Cup championship.

Tactical success

Let Americas Free People Not Free

After China defeated Brazil in the 6th round, it was common for the Chinese womens volleyball team to fight against the United States. But at the beginning of the match on the 23rd, the Chinese womens volleyball team used targeted tactics to suppress the opponent, a round of operations, that is called a stable.

In this campaign, the Chinese womens volleyball team started with Zhu Ting, Zhang Changning, Yuan Xinyu and Yanni, followed by Gong Xiangyu, Ding Xia and Wang Mengjie. The United States team first appeared as Larson, Robinson, Washington, Ogbogu, Drew, Bolt and Freeman Courtney.

To the surprise of the American team, the tactics put forward by the Chinese team were aimed at their free men. Targeted tactics have turned this strong dialogue into a one-sided sweep. In the match, the Chinese team suppressed the opponent in the interception link, and did not give the opponent much chance to fight back. Even if the United States accelerated its pace in the third inning, hoping to bring down the Chinese team, it was also reversed by the Chinese teams offensive rhythm.

In this battle, the Chinese womens volleyball teams proper tactics become the winner or loser. Coach Lang Ping commented after the game that after the loopholes appeared in the American teams free men and were caught by the Chinese womens volleyball team, they became the turning point of the game. Eventually, the Chinese womens volleyball team always occupied an advantage in blocking, while the American team failed to make fast breaks many times. In addition, Zhu Tings combination of short-term and short-term defense pulled away the opponents power in front of the net. The changeable tactics of the Chinese team make the American team invincible in front of the net.

Before the match, the Chinese womens volleyball team reviewed the video of the previous World Womens Volleyball League 0-3 defeat against the United States team held in Jiangmen. This reflection also allowed the team to find a way to defeat their opponents.

Lang Ping said that this reflection helped the team to suppress the opponents characteristics. In fact, we have done the best in every link. After we lost in Jiangmen last time, we did a lot of research and saw our shortcomings. We should break through in which link to slow down our opponents and return to our rhythm.

Ding Xia also said after the match that the whole team carried out the coachs serve intention. Although we won three games, we were ready to go to the end. It was a bit unexpected when we were ahead of the big score. Ding Xia said that the excellent service performance of the whole team effectively destroyed the flat net attack of the United States. During this period, with the womens volleyball team more familiar with the cooperation, tacit understanding is getting better and better. So far in the World Cup, cooperation is still possible.

Langtou joke

Several of the balls played well.

Before this, Lang Daos face was calm as water whenever the Chinese womens volleyball team played, regardless of the situation on the court. During the Sino-US war, Lang Dao watched with a smile. The excellent performance of Chinese womens volleyball team enables Lang Ping to enjoy the competition in the best position.

Lang Ping can laugh while watching the match, which was very rare in the previous Chinese womens volleyball matches. In response, Lang said with a laugh, There are several good balls, I think you can enjoy them.

From the statistics after the match, the Chinese team leads 43-38 in spiking, 11-6 in blocking, 5-1 in serving, and the mistakes are much lower than the opponents, which is the happiest battle between China and the United States in recent years.

Such a stable sweeping battle also comes from adequate preparation before the game. We are ready for five innings and 0-2 down. No matter how our opponents play, we are ready to fight for every ball.

The Chinese team was 5-1 ahead of the United States in serving. Lang Ping said that the pre-match requirements with the players are to serve with a sense of mission. Remember your serve and create opportunities for your teammates. We cant say that we should be conservative for fear of mistakes, but we should still attack our opponents.

Defending the throne is in sight

Strengthen the Top Runner List

In the whole match, Zhu Ting of the Chinese team scored the highest 23 points in the game with 35 dunks and 17 serves, 5 blocks and 1 serve. Ju Tings hand injury, which the fans were worried about, did not affect the game. The Chinese womens volleyball team has four matches to fight to defend its championship in this World Cup.

In addition to Zhu Tings 23 points, Zhang Changning also scored 13 points and Yuan Xinyong 10 points. Gong Xiangyu and Yanni each scored 6 points.

Judging from the result of the match, the Chinese team can sweep the American team in three innings, which is somewhat surprising to the fans. After all, the Chinese womens volleyball team won five difficult games against Brazil. After China won two World Championships against the United States last year, they were not afraid of the way the United States played.

At present, Chinas womens volleyball team has won more games than the United States in the rankings of the womens Volleyball World cup, and has gained an advantageous position in the tournament of defending the world championship. In this World Cup, teams need to play 11 games, and the team with the highest total points will win the championship.

The next seven consecutive victories of the Chinese womens volleyball team will also be against Kenya, the Netherlands, Serbia and Argentina. If the defending championship is successful, it will be the fifth time for China to win the World Cup championship.

Source: Author of Beijing Youth Daily: Zhu Pengs Editor-in-Charge: Lu Ting_NS5242