Seven Chinese womens basketball players took part in the top 8 of last years World Cup goals

 Seven Chinese womens basketball players took part in the top 8 of last years World Cup goals


Seven people attended last years World Cup

Chinas womens basketball team has released a list of 12 players, including Shao Ting, Han Xu and Li Yueru, who participated in last years Jakarta Asian Games and the Womens Basketball World Cup, but there are also some new players who are wearing the national teams robes for the first time.

Since Xu Limin took the helm of the Chinese womens basketball team, the team has played a lot of youth cards. New players such as Han Xu, Li Yuan and Li Yueru have grown rapidly in the national team, and the national teams achievements have steadily increased. In the Jakarta Asian Games in 2018, the Chinese womens basketball team won the championship strongly; in the 2018 Womens Basketball World Cup, the young Chinese team won the sixth place.

During the preparation for the Asian Cup, the training list of Chinese womens basketball team has changed several times. Because Sun Menglan, Wang Xuehun and other 81 womens basketball players have other participating tasks, Han Xu has been playing in the WNBA. Huang Sijing and other players have some injury problems. Xu Limin once again employs new players on a large scale, such as Zhang Ru, Xiao Tong, Guo Zibao, Chen Mingling and so on. Young players were selected for the first time in the national team.

A week ago, the Chinese womens basketball team went to Canberra, Australia, to participate in the final warm-up match. The team had three matches with the former world champion Australian womens basketball team. Although the three matches were all in ink, Guo Ziqi, Wu Tongtong and other young players performed well. Finally, in determining the final list of 12 players, in addition to the seven players who participated in the last years World Cup and veterans who returned from injury Gao Song, Guo Ziqi, Wu Tongtong, Chen Mingling and Shi Xiaoye were the first to participate in the competition.


Make sure that the top eight also train new people

Compared with the selection of Olympic qualifications for mens basketball, womens basketball team is more complex and needs to go through three stages. Taking the Asian-Pacific team as an example, the top eight teams in the Asian Cup can participate in the November Asian-Pacific Olympic Qualification Competition. Only when the team breaks through from the Asian-Pacific Qualification Competition can they compete with other world powers for the final Olympic tickets.

In fact, in the Asian Cup, the Chinese womens basketball team has long lost its dominant position. The Japanese womens basketball team has won three consecutive championships in 2013, 2015 and 2017. The entry of Australia and New Zealand has intensified the competition. Although the Chinese womens basketball team won the Asian Games championship and the sixth place in the World Cup successively in 2018, and defeated the Japanese womens basketball team twice in succession, the team did not fully grasp the Asian Cup championship.

First of all, we are trying to catch up with the Japanese team, and then gradually keep up with the pace and pace of the Australian team. Xu Limin has a clear understanding of the main rivals in Asia, and puts his posture very low. As time goes on, he gradually approaches them and finally surpasses them.

In this Asian Cup, the Chinese womens basketball team is in Group B with three first-level teams from Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines. The other four first-level teams form Group A. The last of the eight teams will fall into the second level, and the first of the top seven and second-level teams will join in the subsequent Olympic qualifying competition. Therefore, the primary goal of Chinese womens basketball team is to ensure the top eight in Asia.

Xu Limin said that he hoped to train more young players and prepare for the subsequent Olympic qualifications on the premise that the top eight Asian players had little problem.

Womens Basketball Asian Cup China Team Competition Schedule

China VS New Zealand

September 24, 20:15

Philippines VS China

25 September 20:15

Australia VS China

September 26, 18:00

Writing/Xinjing News Reporter Xu Bangyin

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