The mysterious toys that young women are playing with cant stop their addiction at all.

 The mysterious toys that young women are playing with cant stop their addiction at all.

Flowers are similar year after year, flag stands upside down year after year. There are even posts on the Internet saying that young girls who have just worked since 1995 spend at least 2,000 yuan a month on blind boxes; couples from Beijing burn nearly 200,000 people into blind boxes in four months; expectant mothers who are about to meet their due date spend 150,000 yuan playing with blind boxes during pregnancy...

Isnt it incredible?

Whats the origin of this blind box that burns more money than scrambling shoes?

Blind boxes originated in Japan, initially called minifigures, but later became popular in Europe and the United States because of the increasing variety, they were renamed blindbox.

Blind boxes usually contain second yuan, film and television works. Nowadays, hot IP or dolls designed exclusively by designers are similar to twisted eggs and handmade.

With the continuous updating of products, each series of blind boxes will be sold in accordance with the season, each series will have about 7 to 12 styles, each style of expression, clothing, action is different. As for unit price, the domestic price is not high, usually between 39-69 yuan, compared with the model and manual, this price can be said to release enough goodwill.

Some popular blind boxes are also equipped with hidden money, so it feels like winning the lottery. The probability of these hidden funds is very low. Many players will continue to cut their hands like poisoning in order to extract the hidden funds, which is the marketing routine of the businessmen.

Curiosity kills not only cats

By the way, empty your wallet

Life is like chocolate. You never know what youre going to get. The magic of this sentence is that you never know whats next.

Perhaps this is one of the main reasons why blind boxes are easy to fall into.

In online chaotic retail stores, blind box enthusiasts sometimes shake at the new blind box and listen to it in their ears. With the experience and feeling of previous blind box drawing, they finally pick out a box that they think they have the best chance to win a big prize.

In the industry, there is a saying: buy blind box, only 0 times and countless times! From the initial confusion to the pit and then to the inability to extricate themselves, players need to cross the impulse to buy a blind box for only a few tens of dollars.

After that, let you sniff that its IQ Tax again, but the next second you go into the Big True Fragrance Site and get swallowed up in wallets.

There is also one of the craziest activities in the circle, called end box. Fanatical blind box enthusiasts will spend thousands of yuan at a time and buy them in boxes. And the ultimate goal of the end box is also obvious, in order to ensure that 100% of the hidden money!

Businessmen behind the scenes make a good profit.

Revenue of 100 million yuan a year

According to data released by Idle Fish Platform in the middle of this year, 300,000 players of Idle Fish have traded in the past year, and the number of Idle Fish Platform players released each month has increased by 320% compared with a year ago. Molly dolls trade more than 230,000 units, with an average price of 270 yuan. The price of the most sought-after blind box soared 39 times.

Some idle fish users earn 100,000 yuan by transferring the blind box alone. The investment value of the blind box is obvious.

Domestic blind box giant Pao Matt Company, relying on the blind box this wave of tuyeres crazy cutting leek, sold 4 million Molly dolls a year, half a year revenue of more than 100 million yuan.

Why jump in a pit that knows its burning money?

According to relevant surveys and statistics, the number of 18-24-year-old consumers accounts for the most, reaching 32%; followed by 25-29-year-old and 30-34-year-old users, accounting for 26% and 20% respectively; among them, 75% are young female consumers who have just worked.

3. Although the dolls cant speak, they will always be around you, guarding you and making you smile. u2014u2014 Poke at the pain spots of young people looking for a cure.

5. It has a hobby of collecting. When I was young, I liked to collect crisp noodles game cards. When I grew up, I liked to collect all kinds of lovely things.

A player who has been collecting toys for many years said this:

Im not smoking a blind box. Im looking forward to life.

To put it bluntly, blind boxes are like the upgraded versions of the crisp noodles game cards we collected as children, but the products are more diversified and refined, and the routines are more diversified.

Its a bit like gambling psychology, but the difference is that as long as you spend money, you can get something, and you wont go home empty-handed, so that you feel you havent lost.

Anyway, I hope you can get real happiness in the process.

After all, life has been so difficult, it should be a little fun.

However, we should remind you: rational consumption, avoid addiction.

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