Country is the heart of China!

 Country is the heart of China!

There is a kind of touching in my heart

After the experience, we are in the same boat with the years.

There is a kind of glory that blends hands with hearts.

After many years, we strive for our ideals.

Now hold your head high with perseverance

Whenever you look back

That pride has always been around me.

My Heart Chinas Persistent Belief

Wherever I am concerned about her

Love her in the vicissitudes of life is also upright

Love her graceful as a picture

My heart and belief in China and birth

Attachment to her is the only answer.

Like shes stronger against the wind

Like her loving life guarding her

Reorganize with the original heart

On the occasion of celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Peoples Republic of China,

We invite Violin Master Lu Siqing

More than 100 ordinary workers showed up.

Sing the blessings of Heart China!