Messi won the top honor in four years. Barcelona boasts that the universe is back in balance.

 Messi won the top honor in four years. Barcelona boasts that the universe is back in balance.

The last time Messi won top personal honors, it goes back to 2015. Barcelona became the treble champion and Messi won the FIFA Golden Ball and the UEFA Player of the Year award. In 2016, the FIFA Golden Globe Award disintegrated. French Football re-hosted the Golden Globe Award, FIFA is the best player selection. UEFA continued to select the best player, and the Football Awards were tripartite.

In 2016 and 2017, C won the awards of FIFA, UEFA Best and Golden Globe. In 2018, Modric completed three Grand Slams. In 2019, Van Dyke was first selected as UEFAs best player. It was not until this morning that Messi finally ended his four-year famine of personal honor.

Before the results came out tonight, De Jong gave his prediction: I have said many times that Messi has always been the best in the world in my opinion. After Messi won the prize, Barcelona President Barthomeu tweeted: This is recognition of the best player in history. Congratulations to Messi and thank you for letting us continue to be proud of you. Argentine celebrity Zanetti also supported Messi: Argentinas domestic criticism of him is not fair, he is the best in the world, I will always defend him.

The most innovative one was Barcelonas official push: Explosive news: the natural balance of the universe suddenly restored! According to Barcelona officials, Messi has finally regained the title of the worlds first man, which means that the universe has also restored balance.

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