Hong Kong Single Mothers Supporting Police: Let Sons Know They Are Chinese

 Hong Kong Single Mothers Supporting Police: Let Sons Know They Are Chinese

Overseas Network, September 24 (OOCN) -- Recently, Hong Kong mobs have been inciting violent clashes in various districts, causing shocks to all walks of life. Hong Kong society has publicly expressed its support for the suppression of riots and the police, including the snack shop owner Lily Wang. She said, The police work very hard, has been very restrained, I support and respect their efforts for Hong Kongs public security, so even if I was suppressed, there is no regret to support them, will continue to support them.

According to the Hong Kong Wen Daily on September 24, Wang Lili is a mother with two sons as well as a small shop. In order to support the police and the stable Hong Kong, she took a day off on June 30 to attend the police rally with her two children. She said, I let them (sons) choose, if not to support the police, they can go to adventure park, I go to support the police myself, and finally they all choose to support the police. Wang Lili said bluntly, Its an iron fact that I want my son to have national consciousness and know that he is Chinese.

After the rally ended in the rain, she uploaded the photos to Facebook, a social networking site. Unexpectedly, supporters of the rioters put their stores on the boycott list in order to exclude dissidents. Wang Lili said, Its very sad and sad that I support the police as my personal will. It has nothing to do with the shop. We should not maliciously smear and slander my shop.

Wang Lili, who lost her husband in her early years, raised two young sons by herself, but her business was greatly reduced by Huang Si. She often received the midnight bell in the middle of the night. They even reported false cases to various government departments, complaining about the shops hygiene problems and violations of fire regulations, which made her tired and exhausted. However, despite being oppressed and bullied, she said she had no regrets for supporting the police, because she loved Hong Kong and hoped that the police would work hard to restore peace in Hong Kong.

Wang Lili said that the reason why Hong Kong is so lovely is that it was originally an inclusive city, allowing citizens to express their views freely, and fighting with their own hands in the sky. They spoke of freedom of speech, but they used to say one thing and do another. If they truly respect freedom of expression, they should not suppress dissidents, but find consensus through peaceful and rational communication. She hoped that all sectors of society would recognize the false face of the thugs, put down their political prejudices, rebuild Hong Kong and restore its former loveliness.

Source: Wen Bao

Reported that the snack bar Youkou Fu is located in Tai Po, Hong Kong. Every day before dawn, Wang Lili has arrived at the shop to make various kinds of intestinal powder and traditional snacks. She supports two primary school sons by a small business of 10 yuan and 8 yuan, and artists like Zhou Yunfa have patronized it. She said, If my shop had a real hygiene problem, it would have been closed down long ago.

The store is also supported by many loyal fans who come from all districts of Hong Kong. Mr. Liu, an acquaintance visiting Tai Po from Kwun Tong, said that he never thought there was a problem with the hygiene of the store, nor did he experience any discomfort after eating. As for the malicious derogation of Huang Sis goodwill, Mr. Liu criticized that such bad behavior is very ignorant, and wise and thoughtful people should draw a clear line with Quzai (mob).

It is worth mentioning that on September 23, people from all walks of life in Hong Kong continued to strongly condemn the violence and hoped that all people who love Hong Kong would stop silencing and take practical actions to say no to the violence.

Tang Yingnian, chairman of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee and the Hong Kong Friendship Association, strongly condemned the serious violence committed by the mob. He expressed his full support for the SAR government to stop the riots, and the SAR police made every effort to enforce the law and bring the rioters to justice. Lin Jianyue, Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee, pointed out that violent shocks have hit the normal operation of the business sector, and that Hong Kongs good social order under the rule of law is also facing serious shocks. Huo Qigang, a member of the CPPCC National Committee, said that the continuous violent impact of black-clothed thugs, destroying social order like madness, trampling on the rule of law and tarnishing the dignity of the country, is a complete humiliation of civilization and distorting the word freedom.

In addition, 27 Hong Kong womens organizations, such as the Kowloon Womens Federation, the Shanghai-Hong Kong Economic Development Association, the Hong Kong-Soviet Youth Exchange Promotion Association, the Hong Kong Taxi Driver Association, the Hong Kong Express Freight Transport Association, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Dawan Youth Federation and the Hong Kong Overseas Chinese Association, unanimously condemned the mob yesterday and strongly supported it. The police force strictly enforces the law, stops the riots and punishes the rioters severely.

Was driven out of the tea restaurant for supporting police? Tan Yonglins response: a trivial matter

They dont respect me, I respect them.

According to Hong Kong media reports, the presence of Hong Kong singer Tan Yonglin at a police rally caused dissatisfaction among troubled Hong Kong elements. On September 20, some netizens reported that Tan Yonglin was invited to leave a tea restaurant by the landlady and the shop assistant, and then caused controversy. The restaurant responded later because there were no vacancies in the store.