Community accountants were sentenced to gambling and spending more than 9 million public funds

 Community accountants were sentenced to gambling and spending more than 9 million public funds

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I deeply regret the cultivation of organizations, colleagues and relatives who care about me. Zhang Mou, who said this, is a typical example of petty officials are greedy. During his tenure as an accountant of Xindian Street Community Health Service Center, Dongying District, Shandong Province, he used his position to intercept more than 9 million yuan of unit income for personal investment and profligacy, such as stock speculation, video games and gambling, and lost all his money.

On September 10, the Dongying District Court handed down its judgment. Zhang Mou was convicted of corruption and sentenced to 12 years and 6 monthsimprisonment with a fine of RMB 800,000.

Accountant trusted by the unit

In 2005, Zhang Mou, just in his early 30s, came to Xindian Street Community Health Service Center of Dongying District as an accountant. In 2010, the health service center was managed by the Street Accounting and Accounting Center instead of having separate accounting and cashier posts. Since then, Zhang Mou has become the only accountant retained by the health service center. The health service center has certain income in pharmacy, distribution and sale of consumables, vaccination and other business. Zhang is responsible for charge management and reimbursement of documents.

The pharmacy of the health service center only sells drugs to village clinics in its jurisdiction, but not to individuals. After the village doctors go to the pharmacy of the health service center to select drugs and consumables, the staff of the pharmacy print out a triple list of drug sales, leaving one copy in the pharmacy, and hand the other two copies to the village doctors who buy medicine. According to the price on the triple bill, the village doctor handed the cash and account to the pharmacy toll collector to take the medicine and consumables. From 2011 to the second half of 2015, village doctors in village clinics went to the pharmacy to buy medicines and medical consumables, all of which were on-site transactions in cash. Health service centers also have a part of their own income from type II vaccination. Health service centers are responsible for providing vaccination services for infants and young children in their jurisdictions. Vaccines are classified into type I vaccines and type II vaccines. Vaccines of type I vaccines are free for the state and parents of type II vaccines are voluntarily vaccinated at their own expense. When vaccinating Class II vaccines, cash should be paid at the charge Office of the health service center. The toll collector prints out a triple invoice for the charge of vaccines. The toll collector keeps the first stub and gives the second and third copies to the parents. Parents take their children to the vaccination room and hand over the second couplet to the nurses. The nurses are vaccinated with the second couplet and the third couplet is taken away by the parents.

The toll collector pays the account with Zhang Mou according to the mode of day clearing and month closing. Riqing is a daily counting of the days charges, making daily reports, and handing cash to Zhang Mou. For several years, Zhang Mou has tens of thousands of dollars in cash every day. Monthly closing is to make monthly statements at the end of each month, and to transfer money accounts with Zhang Mou. Zhang Mou takes money and bills and statements to the Street Accounting Center to report income. The accounting center keeps accounts according to the money and bills handed in by Zhang Mou.

It should be said that before the beginning of 2011, Zhang Mous work on one, two, down-to-earth, dedicated and practical, won the trust of the unit and the recognition of the masses.

Gambling addiction cannot extricate itself

Zhang Mou, who works smoothly, is under great pressure in life. Zhangs parents are sick all year round. His wife has undergone three cancer resections, which cost a lot of money, and the children who are studying need to be cared for. The tremendous pressure in life makes Zhang breathless.

At the beginning of 2011, Zhang Mou came into contact with lottery and video game gambling from his friends. The fantastic casino, the heroism of throwing thousands of dollars and the stimulation of instant wins and losses have deeply attracted Zhang Mou, who is spiritually empty. Since then, the vast majority of units of drugs, vaccines income cash, once Zhang Mous hand, only in and out, not deposited in the unit public, nor in the accounting center, but was used to speculate in spot, stock index, lottery and video game gambling Zhang Mou.

Zhang Mou, a gambling addict, is getting deeper and deeper, unable to extricate himself, stepping over the bottom line step by step, stepping on the red line until touching the high-voltage line. In 2013, after Zhang lost a lot of money on spot speculation, he knew he had no hope of returning the public funds. In addition, he did not know how much public funds he had not deposited in the accounts of the Accounting and Accounting Center, so Zhang would no longer think about repaying the money.

More than 9 million yuan of public funds are squandered

In January 2019, Xindian Street Party and Labor Committee, Office reported the clue, Dongying District Supervision Committee of Dongying City carried out the preliminary check. In March, Zhang was investigated on suspicion of serious violation of the law. In April, the case was transferred to the Dongying District Procuratorate for review and prosecution. During the period of examination and prosecution, the procurator carefully examined all the files of the case and interrogated Zhang Mou according to law. Because Zhang was seriously ill and not suitable for detention, and his wife was in terminal illness and needed to be cared for, the procuratorial organ decided to grant him bail pending trial.

The Procuratorate of Dongying District of Dongying City charged that from January 2011 to December 2018, Zhang Mou, the defendant, took advantage of the operating units income from vaccination of drugs and for-profit vaccines and the professional convenience of reporting to Xindian Street Accounting and Accounting Center during his tenure as an accountant of Xindian Street Community Health Service Center in Dongying District of Dongying City. METHODS: More than 9 million yuan of unit income funds were intercepted and illegally occupied. They were used for personal investment and profligacy, such as allocation of funds to speculate in stocks, stock index, lottery tickets, video games and gambling, and all of them lost money. Zhang Mou, the defendant, takes advantage of his position to embezzle the amount of public funds, which violates the provisions of Article 382 of the Criminal Law of the Peoples Republic of China. The facts of the crime are clear, the evidence is solid and sufficient, and his criminal responsibility should be investigated for the crime of embezzlement.

During the trial, Xu Lili, the prosecutor, presented a series of documentary evidence, witness testimony and other evidence around the facts and plots of the indictment charges, which clearly showed Zhang Mous whole criminal process of indulging in video games and gambling while serving as an accountant and using her position to facilitate embezzlement of public funds. Zhang confessed to the facts of the crime and confessed his guilt in court.

Zero Distance Warning Education

I am guilty, guilty and repentant of the crimes charged by the procuratorial organs. Zhang Mou wrote in a confession letter to the procurator.

In the open court hearing stage, representatives from Zhangs original unit and Dongying District health system attended the court and received warning education from zero distance. I saw my former colleague standing on the dock, and my heart was very touched. In the future, I will strictly abide by the rules of honesty and self-discipline and work discipline, resist bad hobbies, and regularly check the accounts of health service centers. I will not lose my job, freedom and happiness for a lifetime because I want to gain immediate benefits, violate Party discipline and state law. Xindian Street Community Health Service Center auditor Gong Mou said.

Zhang Mous corruption has caused huge losses to the unit, brought misfortune to himself and his relatives, and sounded the alarm for us to guard against the risk of clean government. The head of Dongying District Health Bureau said, We will grasp the implementation of the main responsibility, earnestly fulfill the `one post and two responsibilities, actively comb the responsibility and process system of key posts, identify possible risk points of clean government, focus on prevention and control of key posts and key risk points, and comprehensively promote the risk of clean government in the health system of the whole region. Prevention and control mechanism construction.

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